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Title: Skateshop to do list
Post by: Jay on February 19, 2014, 03:57:12 PM
Looking to open a shop in my hometown, I have my list of brands, items, and pretty much everything I need to do in order to own a legit business. My next step is to lock in a location and stock the shelves. Before that I want some feedback on what other shop owners did before they opened their shops and any advice from owners and skaters on what to do to make my shop better than the rest.

Shop bong, stripper pole, foam pit, fridge, and xbox have already been considered and squeezed into the budget.

Title: Re: Skateshop to do list
Post by: jehovah lazarus on February 25, 2014, 04:43:09 PM
Back in 98-99 me and a few mates looked into it.
Get a rad logo, something you can put on a shirt and people will wear, I've seen so many shops with terribly printed logos that no one ever buys.
We also had the idea of doing three quid head shaves to make a quick buck, buy a shitty pair of clippers and away you go.

Talk to your customers, it never fails to amaze me when I go interstate to a shop and the owner/worker just stands there without even a hello.
In these tough economic times these people should be really trying to get my business, not standing there with a holier than thou attitude at some out of towner... I like to think if I worked in a shop I'd wanna chat to anyone that comes in I have never seen, swap stories, tricks, fav brands etc.

Good luck mate, over the last month I've been to a few other states in Australia and alot of skate shops are closing down.
The world needs more skate shops.

Title: Re: Skateshop to do list
Post by: Domz on March 04, 2014, 10:46:26 AM
I would love to have like a skate bar thing; no drinks or anything (there very well could be), but like a bar where the "bartender" would perform maintenance on skateboards that are brought in or just talk about stuff with skaters that came in. I would love that. Consider that.