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Title: Skatepark project! Help needed with deciding quantity of materials!
Post by: Eric on March 21, 2014, 01:18:08 PM
Hi Thrasher DIY Forum, i'm currently trying to persuade my parents into sponsoring a concrete skatepark in my backyard, since i live in Denmark and there aren't any skateparks in my town. 
I'm going to build it myself, but i should have all information about the building project ready, before they will pay for the concrete. Therefore i'm asking out here:
What is the concrete to water ratio to get smooth concrete like the one in skateparks?
And how much concrete powder do i need to fill up an cubic space of 1450*440*5cm = 3190000cm3 / 3,19m3 / 570,87*173,23*1,97 inches = 194816,87 cubic inches / 112,74 cubic feet / 3192,5L with shred-ready concrete?

Here is a google sketchup project illustrating the concrete block, which i plan to re-pave, because of the now destroyed surface. (

And before pouring concrete on the old concrete block do you have any tips for prepreparation of the base layer? Should i spray it with water, and remove all small rocks and dust?

If it succeeds i plan to build some quarters on there as well, any tips for that?
Here is a google sketchup project of the concrete block with ramps on them (

Looking forward to hear from you! Hopefully my fellow skaters and i can shred again soon!

Thank you