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Title: Guy Marianos Fully Flared part
Post by: fish66 on January 02, 2008, 04:35:01 PM
I can see how this part brought people to tears at the premiere. I think it is an amazing milestone in skateboarding. Guy totally disappeared, for the last decade. like no footage, and no coverage until about a year ago. he dropped off the face of the earth, after his amazing, ahead of its time part in mouse. he had one trick in yeah right. i thought his part in fully flared was going to be a let down. i really didnt think he still had it after all these years. but he came with a great part, with great tricks and style. alot of tricks he didnt even do anything close to in his old videos. he didnt just do all the tricks from mouse again, but all new ones. alot of creative shit and things ive never seen, like switch tre lip down a rail. i would expect p rod to get that, but its so much sicker seeing guy nail that shit. and the songs were awesome and make the part even better. a song can make pr break a part im so glad somebody found the two songs. supposedly he was supposed to only have a few tricks in the video, but ty said he wouldnt put it out until he had a full part. like ty had a dream of how good guys part could be and he made it happen. will something of such epic proportions ever happen again? i hope so. most inspiring video part ive seen in a long time.

Title: Re: Guy Marianos Fully Flared part
Post by: fish66 on January 02, 2008, 04:42:17 PM
to sum it up its like what tom pennys part in sorry shoudve been. except that ended up sucking, like 6xl yellow shirts what the fuck