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Title: RIP Jim Dickinson
Post by: C H U C K on August 15, 2009, 08:56:13 PM
Dude was involved in some pretty epic albums.

Memphis music icon Jim Dickinson, the producer behind The Replacementsí Pleased To Meet Me and Big Starís Third/Sister Lovers, died peacefully in his sleep on Saturday, August 15. The 67 year old musician was recovering from triple bypass surgery.

Dickinson was a sought after session musician who played piano on numerous albums including The Rolling Stonesí Sticky Fingers, Aretha Franklinís Spirit In The Dark, and Bob Dylanís Time Out Of Mind. His production work on the Big Star album Third/Sister Lovers, recorded in 1974, but not released until 1978, made him an in-demand producer for many of the new bands who would soon top the college alternative charts in the 80ís. In addition to The Replacements, Dickinson also produced Jason & The Scorchers, Green On Red, Mojo Nixon, True Believers, Willy DeVille, John Hiatt, and Houston favorite Joe ďKing Carrasco.