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Title: Gnar shredding at night?
Post by: SOTI on November 26, 2010, 02:50:01 PM
Hey fellow skaters/filmers

Just trying to spread the word about our company Deez Lights (http://"")

I've been skateboarding/filming for 17 years, and it was always a bitch to get good footage at night. I've used cheap lights that barely worked, and the good LED lights you can get from a professional camera store were always ridiculously priced ($400+) etc.

Our lights have 126  super bright LEDs, they fit into the standard hot shoe of any camera, the light output is totally adjustable from 0-100%, it fits Sony and Panasonic camera batteries (even the 9 hour ones!) and if you run out it can even fit the regular AA size. It's a damn good light, and I've been getting amazing footage. It's fucking BRIGHT!

Please check us out if you're a filmer, we guarantee you'll love it or send it back and we'll refund your hard earned cash and cover the shipping for you.

Thanks, keep on shredding (even if you're old and slowly but surely becoming a bowl trog like myself......)

check out videos of Deez Lights here (http://""), thanks Paul Machnau and Chad Dickson for the footage

Deez Lights | LED Video Lights for Skateboarding. (