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September 05, 2015, 12:56:53 AM

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Author Topic: Police Raid our Local Skateshop :(  (Read 3590 times)
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« on: April 26, 2012, 11:46:18 AM »


"Local Merchant Arrested on Drug Charges, East Coast Skates Raided on Friday

Kent County Sheriffs on Friday seized marijuana and drug paraphernalia in simultaneous raids on the home, business and vehicle owned by James Thomas Mussleman, 36, of Worton, Maryland.
“He was charged with possession,” said Cpl. Nathan Blazejack of the Kent Sheriff’s Office. “We got a couple bags.”
“Mussleman had been under investigation for over two years and a drug distribution investigation at the skate shop led to the search warrants,” said a press release issued by the Sheriff’s office on Monday.
Mussleman was released on $3,000 unsecured bond.
Charges are still pending against other adults and juveniles, the press release said.
The KC Sheriff’s Tactical Entry Team and Chestertown Police Department assisted in the raids."

click on the link and read through the comments........most people are supportive of him.....
this little blurb came out on the local paper's website a few days ago...today the paper came out with a longer article right on the front page that was DEFINITELY slanted and biased......ALSO today they went in the shop and arrested him again! on gun charges...he lives in a house with his wife and mother in-law, the shotguns (for hunting) belonged to his mother in-law......shit is fucked....
i could go on about this but don't feel like typing........basically we live in a pretty yuppified town and unless you have an antique store, upscale restaraunt/cafe, etc or large corporate chain....your not welcome here....dude is a good guy....always tryin to get the kids hyped up and provide somewhere to hang out....they got him with a SMALL amount of weed and some paraphernalia..... had a indoor ramp at the shop, bbq's all the time....good people....good times...the little kids who went there were never exposed to any weed or smokin.....fuckin shame.........his landlord wants him to stay there, in business but apparently the cops said that if he allows this they'll seize his property......fucked!......

here's what Muss (the shop owner) had to say about this on the shop's facebook page( https://www.facebook.com/eastcoasts ) a couple days ago

"For all the supporters of the shop, I want to let it be known that we will be relocating our store once again!

We have been served an eviction notice from our landlords and will be moving within the week.

Our shop is not closing by any means. We love our shop, we love all the kids that come to our store, old and young.

and we refuse to be bullied by local haters.

And just for the record….. Anyone who comes to our store knows that we do not sell drugs.

I was told by the Chestertown Sheriffs Department

Quote word for word.

“It is an officers job to lie in order to gain the truth.”

My keys were confiscated and because I had no drugs in my store, I was strung up in the back of a police car for multiples of hours and a new warrant was issued for my house. The police department knew that the only people at my house were my children. They busted into my daughters room and put guns in my kids and their friends faces….. Smashed in our warehouses and destroyed our doors when they had my keys…. Threw my grill across the yard to rip a whole wall off of my shed when the door was not just unlocked but wide open!!

The warrant says necessary force… Is smashing open doors necessary? Is putting guns in children’s faces necessary?

Who is the villain here?

I’m not so pressed about the store as I am about all the good kids that are effected by this.

Our customers were detained and strip searched!! That is not legal fyi….

Or is this Nazi Germany?

The officers that served the search and seizure at my house were making phone calls to their wives telling them and laughing about what was going on at my house… Is that legal? Putting a gun in my baby’s face and calling their wives to brag about it.

I have been slandered charged and accused of actions that are preposterous.

Obviously in Kent County you are guilty before you even have a court date.

I’m anxious to see how this whole episode pans out.

Two years investigating…. Hmmmmm…….

Total lies. But that’s what the police are supposed to do in order to gain the truth….

If I were a king pin or a drug dealer at all, I think I would have at least had a bail to pay to get released….

Bogus charges, bogus investigation….. your tax payers money wasted, two years worth of it!! All for a barefaced lie!!!

I live in a trailer!! drive a turd!!! I’m just getting by….. If I was a drug dealer then I suck at it!!!!


Our store is different from any other.. Our customers are like our family, and I would never do anything to hurt anyone of them.

You can believe me or you don’t have to, but unlike the local law enforcement, I don’t get your tax money to lie.

In all actuality the police are supposed to protect and serve.

Shutting down my store puts plenty of kids back out on the street so they can get into trouble and the local cops can make their quotas again.

Yup I keep the rif raf under wraps here.. Are they pissed because I can do their job better than them? Treat people with respect and refrain from lying to them and you will get allot of respect back. Nobody likes a liar. You can’t trust a liar….. so I guess you can’t trust a cop huh? They are paid tax money to: “lie in order to gain the truth”…..

I think I’ve said enough… I just want to make sure everyone is playing on the right team here."
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« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2012, 08:19:17 PM »

Thanks you for sharing

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