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August 31, 2015, 01:40:52 PM

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Author Topic: THE SKATE BARN IS DOING SOME DIY CRETE  (Read 2478 times)
Kris simmons
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« on: August 03, 2013, 04:39:31 PM »

Please take a moment of your time to check this out and help us out if you can, we are doing this completely diy and we need every dollar we can get.


We are building a Skatetrack that is centered around an Oak tree. It varies in height from 9' to 4' deep.

We are a privately owned Skatepark in Hampstead NC. The Skate Barn is a staple for this small coastal community for over 16 years and continues to be a destination for all Skateboarders in the region. Please help us continue our journey as we embark on a new concrete endeavor to ride our Skateboards. Funds pledged will be used to purchase concrete, associated materials and labor to perform. We have all the necessary tools and help in place.The Video shows our ability and determination to perform the work. The pours that are shown were done in June 2013.

The skate track idea is a blend of skateable concrete terrain that flows around an old oak tree located on the Skatebarn property. It's beside an existing street pad we poured around 2006.The skatetrack will provide terrain that varies from a 9' deep bowled corner (existing) with concrete pool coping to a more rounded over lip and a shallower depth of 4'. All of which will be user friendly for all skill levels across the board. It is kind of a blend of a snake run with some street and pool elements to boot.

This Unique design comes from years of skatepark experience from Jimmy Ellington as well as input from our local community of skaters. We do not have drawings due to the fact that it is a DIY project and we prefer not to be bound by a set of drawings.

Hopefully our 16+ years of experience will put to rest any doubt in us providing an awesome skatetrack to be ridden by all that desire. We will be keeping all that donate and concerned in the loop of progress on our Skatebarn Facebook page.

For over 16 years The skatebarn has had on average of 2 contest a year for beginning, intermediate and advanced/sponsored skateboarders to showcase their talent. The skatebarn also host skatecamps and lessons to cater to the entry level skateboarders that desire to improve their skills on a skateboard. We are purveyors of the ride and will continue long into the future. We appreciate your consideration to Donate to our worthy cause.
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