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September 05, 2015, 05:24:31 AM

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Author Topic: Charlton in the face Premiership champions  (Read 552 times)

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« on: August 11, 2013, 08:21:10 PM »

Not to mention other people, wholesale nfl jerseys?
even Manchester United boss Roy Keane, in which the national team, they can not hide Hollander light.

Off the next ball, Holland suddenly now, Liverpool's defense at this time is simply not ready, because at this time the Liverpool defender who is moving pressure, that did not do a good defense preparations. Or because the Premiership champions Liverpool effect of it, but no matter how Liverpool in the end, and Holland is also very clear, and this was a good opportunity to play fast counter.

Thought here, Holland no longer hesitate to put the ball inside to the wing of the Danish trapeze Rommedahl, Holland believes Rommedahl will not give up such a good chance of a quick attack.

Sure enough, after receiving a pass Hollander, Rommedahl start with the ball towards the Liverpool penalty area crazy killed in the past, its speed and ball position, as if suddenly let Liverpool fans saw Harry Kewell in the ball bolted same.

"Damn, hurry back on defense!" See Alonso's pass cut off by his opponent, but this time Rommedahl are crazy ball to kill the Liverpool penalty area,Nike elite nfl jerseys?
 Harman could not help still froze on the A Alonso screaming, but he is turned and rushed toward the Liverpool penalty area.

Harman roared still stunned not only a reminder of Alonso, while also allowing the Liverpool defender who immediately react. Rommedahl saw the ball towards the penalty area with a kill over, Hyypia loudly remind his teammates, while Jamie Carragher schematically rushed to the foot off the next ball Rommedahl, or delays Rommedahl forward speed.

Hyypia Rommedahl but this guy is well aware of the powerful, in addition to the foot of the Danish boy as delicate techniques such as Harry Kewell, the other basically and Harry Kewell par.

Kewell how powerful, I believe at this time the whole team in the Premier League teammates experienced last season have the experience, the wind speed in general, a sharp break, precise passing and endo shot, suddenly became Kewell All Premier League defender and goalkeeper whom headache guy.

Although Rommedahl is less than Kewell, Cheap Elite jerseys?
but even if only eight of Rommedahl Kewell strength, it is definitely a dangerous guy.

Rushed over to see Jamie Carragher, Liverpool clearly Rommedahl vice captain of the powerful, not confrontation and Jamie Carragher put the ball over to the side of teammate Hughes, while he continued to rushed towards the Liverpool penalty area, ready to look for opportunities .

Hughes once again put the ball over to the side of Murphy, Murphy looked at the Liverpool penalty area situations, suddenly pick the ball to the restricted area, already prepared Yule suddenly stuck position, stubbornly resisted behind Hyypia The push-situ jump, a ferry headed.

Suddenly the ball flew toward the lower left corner of the goal, but Dudek response soon, sideways to block the ball out.

Pretty, Dudek made a very good saves, Liverpool to be careful, also a Premier League rivals Charlton, do not be careless. "

Charlton in the face Premiership champions Liverpool T has since Liverpool won the championship last season, while fear fear hands feet, Cheap nfl jerseys?
on the contrary it is firm and Liverpool playing exchange that come. Novel network specializes in electronic download.
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