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Author Topic: concentrate all attention facing each other at any  (Read 3038 times)

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« on: August 11, 2013, 08:23:00 PM »

Just get the ball, Murphy heard his muffled gasp behind me. Hear the sound, Murphy suddenly understand Liverpool players rushed over,  nfl jerseys china,
thought of this, was looking for the ball towards the Liverpool penalty area, Murphy suddenly rushed the ball with his right foot a buckle stopped.

When Murphy had just stopped, a red figure suddenly from behind Murphy rushed over, that person is John Arne Riise.

Riise did not think Murphy will suddenly stopped, in the present is very, quickly stopped, but because one began to run too fast, inertia makes Riise directly over Murphy, Murphy barely in front twenty-three meters of and stopped..........

Liverpool players saw one red eyes. Unconvinced look. Berlusconi suddenly roared and roared.

"Harvey, you look at what you've done the first half and you simply dog ??feces. Was damn Irishman to weight tightly Without a breakthrough opponent. Opponents off the next six. Damn, I do not know that you are experiencing the same is Irish Keane in time. would be abused into what Keane. to do when looking for my mother crying like a little child. "

While the old shell for Alonso looking forward to high, wholesale nfl jerseys,
 But this is only expected. But this absolutely does not prevent the old shell reprimanded Alonso. Moreover, up and down the whole of Liverpool. Alonso to performance is the worst. And Holland clash almost under ground. Severely beaten ground. Who became the stadium is transparent. Without any effect.

Alonso wanted to loudly tell the old shell, they are not dog feces, they have the strength, he is not a child.

But Alonso red eyes and did not say anything, after all, Alonso also understand that he has done in the end the first half, Berlusconi was not looking for his troubles wonder why.

"John, Mom, I know you break sharp, forward runs very firm, but you look at what you've done in the face of former teammates, even opponents easily break, damn, do not tell me, you forget that he is a defender, defense is your main task,  wholesale coach handbags,
forward runs is secondary. "


Did not say anything, do not care Alonso Berlusconi directly transferred to the muzzle on, it is difficult to start. Berlusconi faced accusations and bluster, Riise is very quiet and there is nothing aggressive behavior, but clasped hands, prove Riise feelings at this time.

"Dudek And you, you look awful saves you that, do not you know that being a goalie have to concentrate, concentrate all attention facing each other at any one time attack and do you see what you've done, Suddenly the opponent's Goal, which proves you do not focus all your attention. just this point, it goalie this position is concerned, you simply dog ??feces. "

Berlusconi faced accusations Dudek heart suddenly screaming injustice that he did not concentrate on how, although Murphy that shot very suddenly,  Nfl jerseys cheap,
but he is still in an extreme amount of time to react, and just made a fighting.

But Murphy that shot, or that the jets better, is simply perfect, Dudek dare swear that he has done so for many years goalkeeper, shot several times as have not seen such a perfect lob Murphy , the ball touching the beams and columns are basically got into the football sense of absolute dead.
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