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Author Topic: Rant about tonights show....  (Read 1391 times)
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« on: December 21, 2008, 02:00:01 AM »

Just got back from playing the show........ Good thing we made a bunch of cash(Suckers), because the venue sucked ass. The first bartender ruled as I told him I've been puking all day with the flu, I was buying rounds of SoCo and Morgan Cokes for three of us for less than 8 bucks.  The next bartender was a total bitch. I bought a Morgan Coke and and a shitty tap beer from her for 9 bucks. I asked if we got a band discount and she just sneered, and said "no way!"

We pulled well over a hundred people out in this snowstorm...................

Now the "Sound guy." I kept asking for more/some? guitars.... in my monitors 6,7,10 plus times, yeah we played on one of those weenie rockstar band stages where I had to squint to see our guitar player. WTF you would have thought he would have figured it out when I was on my knees with my ear to the monitors in front of me trying to figure out if we were going in to a song or we were just doing an improv.

To make things better, bitch bartender, grabbed the bouncers and jumped our shit for blowing fire.

If your in a band, do yourself a favor and play the Whats Up.

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ill bless this thread with my presence so its not so lame in here.
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