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Author Topic: New Releases (Cock Sparrer, Templars, AntiSeen, Etc.)  (Read 2096 times)
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« on: July 06, 2008, 05:11:54 PM »

ANTiSEEN - "Best Of" Double CD $14.99
A 40-track collection of ANTiSEEN’s most brutal tracks, chronicling their entire 25 year history. If you don’t get it by now, you never will..... “Twenty-five years is a hell of run. Most bands barely make it twenty-five minutes. There are no easy answers as to how and why this band has lasted. There is only the knowing that it will NEVER end. There will never be a "Farewell" show, never be an end of the line. ANTiSEEN will never go away, never break up. Death cannot claim them, life cannot contain them. "There is only the bloody trail of eternal infamy....” - Russell Ward (from the liner notes)

COCK SPARRER - "True To Yourself" 7" **LTD. COLOR WAX** $5.50
The UK's true godfathers of Oi! Oi! Music offer up a new single from their upcoming studio full length on TKO Records. "True To Yourself" is a soaring anthem delivered in the style that SPARRER is known for worldwide. A live version of the classic "Chip On My Shoulder" is featured on the B-side. FIRST 100 COPIES ARE ON LIMITED RED, WHITE & BLUE VINYL!!!! COCK SPARRER's NEW ALBUM "HERE WE STAND" WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM TKO RECORDS FALL 2008!!!! COCK SPARRER WILL RETURN TO THE USA IN 2009!!!

TEMPLARS (the) - "Out Of The Darkness" 7" **LTD. COLOR WAX** $5.50
Two brand-new tracks from NYC Oi! Grandmasters the TEMPLARS!!! This is the first new material from the band in several years and is well worth the wait!! Don't delay- the diehards are gonna snatch this one up!!! FIRST 200 COPIES ARE ON BLACK & TAN VINYL!!!!!

More titles if you've been sleepin':

CH3 - "One More For All My True Friends" DVD w/CD $14.99
A feature documentary that chronicles the history and ongoing adventures of the band CHANNEL 3 (CH3). Erik Carreon's film traces the band's beginnings, from Mike McGrann and Kimm Gardner's childhood friendship through the years of Cerritos garage practices and backyard parties, and finally headfirst into the tumultuous days of the 1980's SoCal Hardcore movement. The narrative is threaded through a centerpiece performance filmed at Alex's Bar in Long Beach, California: a memorable night which reunited the band with past members and friends from its storied history. Though it has all the requisite blood, booze, shit and piss of a proper Punk flick, "One More For All My True Friends" is ultimately a story of friendship and its jewel-like value against the grinding onslaught of time!!! INCLUDES: BONUS FEATURES and a 20-Track CD with new studio and live recordings!!!!

GLASS HEROES - "Get Out Alive" 7" Single* LTD COLOR VINYL* $5.50
Phoenix, AZ’s veteran Street Rockers GLASS HEROES finally make their TKO debut this month with this limited 7” single!!! This is for fans of COCK SPARRER, CHELSEA, the PROFESSIONALS, etc. LIMITED TO A ONE-TIME PRESSING OF 500 COPIES. The first 200 copies are on ORANGE/RED VINYL and available ONLY through the band or the TKO web store. Don’t sleep on your only chance to own this great single on VINYL!!!!!!

FORGOTTEN (the) - Self-titled Digipack CD $9.99
Veteran TKO-ers the FORGOTTEN shatter the silence with their new self-titled full length!!! One of the founding bands of the original TKO NorCal scene, the FORGOTTEN have been paying their dues for the past decade, touring relentlessly and leaving their boot print on the face of the Punk Rock scene across North America, Europe and Japan. It’s been six years since the FORGOTTEN’s last studio effort, and they’re coming out with all guns blazing!!! With veteran Bay Area engineer Michael Rosen and longtime band ally Lars Frederiksen producing, the FORGOTTEN have managed to churn out some of their best material to date. This is record T.F.’s legions of fans have been waiting for!!! WE GOT THE NUMBERS!!!! ON TOUR IN NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE 2008!!!

CROWD, THE - "Letter Bomb" Digipack CD $9.99
The year was 1978. The place was Huntington Beach, CA. The band was THE CROWD, and nothing would ever be the same again. THE CROWD were the vanguard of the Orange County Beach Punk explosion of the late 1970s. They helped create and define a timeless sound which remains influential even today, nearly three decades later. One of the first and one of the best bands of their era, THE CROWD are still going strong as the new millennium beings. TKO is proud to release "Letter Bomb"(originally on the now-defunct Flipside label), THE CROWD's seminal 1996 comeback album. Also included in this new version is the entire "Dig Yourself" EP as bonus tracks. Break out those boxes of day-glo clothes you packed away and head on down to the show to pogo yourself into a frenzy!! THE CROWD are kicking the door wide open for you once again!!

BROKEN BOTTLES - "Hospital" Digipack CD $9.99
The BOTTLES are sticking to the sound they're known for- a time warp straight back to the Posh Boy-era of Southern California Punk Rock. You'll be checking your calendar to make sure you're not back in 1982....The BOTTLES will be touring Japan, Europe and the USA throughout 2008!! Stay tuned for the limited vinyl version of this album w/ gatefold sleeve, coming in early '08!!!
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spam much? go fuck yourself

i'm killing skateboarding one country at a time, so enjoy while it lasts.

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7"s for $5.50!?  Goddamn!
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