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Take a look at the five-day expedition into the New York world of Clark Hassler and the Los Angeles living of Paul Rodriguez.

Santa Cruzing

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Met up with Darren Navarrette, Dan Drehobl, Alex Horn, Gordon Eckler, Magnethead, Sparrow, Raven Tershay, and Josh Mattson for a good roll down in Santa Cruz.

In celebration of Torey Pudwill turning Pro DVS put together a mini site called High Times w/ Torey featuring a week in the life of, old Torey photos, a short story from myself about watching Torey come up, and some old footy of Torey shredding.

Here's a full recap of the Fallen Premiere down in San Diego, along with a couple interviews—including Bar Talk with Rhino and Chris Cole.

Alphanumeric launched volume 1 of their Troubled Times video series. Starting it off is Tom Remillard.

Strange Notes has a new mixed montage of mayhem entitled Crunchtime.

The DLX crew built a couple ramps and set them up at 3rd & Army. There was lots of ’80s gear and music, and Tony Trujillo, Dave Durren, Nick Matlin, Sean, Kev, Noah, and a whole slew of others ripped the Saturday afternoon away.

City Skateboards has some highlights from the Big Bachinsky Big Block Huck Jam.

In case you missed it, Strange Notes had David Gravette week over at their site with his Born Dead section, Sponsor Me, Checkin' In, In The Park, and Baby Lamb Is Pro videos.

The Berrics has its fifth member of the United Nations, and their name is Sk8Mafia.

Headed up into the Redwoods to a small park in Ben Lomond. Raven Tershay, Steve Bailey, Mike Peterson, Kyle Berard and Tom Remillard handled the bowl and laid down some lines under a crazy sunset.

Rounded up a crew to hit up good ol' Derby Park, and Steve Bailey, Kyle Berard, Mike Peterson, Raven Tershay, and Tom Remillard put the fisheye to work.

Part three of Vox' US Tour has them them stopping in Tulsa, OK for some mini-ramp skating and an autograph signing.

The Potrero park has seen some heat lately, and another good session went down the other day. Peabody, Raven Tershay, Jack Given, DJ Gaudin, and Tom Remillard stepped it up.

Please send Johnny Romano your best wishes. He was moved back into ICU late last night. 80+ days in the hospital-the kid is a fighter.

Rhino comes in hot with a delayed report from his trip up to LA to get some extreme partying in.

Darkstar sent over this commercial of their newest pro, Terrell Robinson.

It started at Wallenberg in 1991, when Jesse Paez frontside 180’d the Big Four for 263 bucks. The kickflip was up next; Markovich got denied, but we gave him the cash anyway after some serious stacks. Then came 2004. I called ’em out, they came, they saw, they got broke. Aaron Artis? Gizmo? Anybody remember Elissa Steamer? Everybody out there, save the date and put this on your radar: On August 30th, 2008, history will be made as SF rises again. $10,000 for first place, $25,000 purse (this ain’t no Maloof shit, bitch), and I’ll give a grand to any broad who’ll jump the secret stack that we got lined up. Reynolds? Duffel? Ramondetta? Romero? Malto? Bachinsky? Gravette? Fellers? Dompierre? Come on down, more details coming real soon...
—Jake Phelps

Our  weekly contest for the complete Anti Hero skateboard is going to be a little different this week... we are looking for you to polish up on your Photoshop skills and create the best made Anti Hero ad using Frank Gerwer. Check it out and get creative on there.

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