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Monday, July 20 2009

Chowder Bowl Results

Written by Schmitty
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Posted: July 18, 2009

Toad and Salmon took the show up to Seattle and had their chili bowl contest in Ballard, replacing the chili with chowder. Here's the results.

1. Michael O'Friel
2. Steve Reeves
3. Jerry Gurney
4. Donovin Rice
5. Danny Tumia
6. Max Holbein
7. Andrew Adams
8. Charlie Craig
9. Caleb Cole
10. Jack Given

Toad and Salmon

The trophies

The judges: Timothy Nickloff, Ben Krahn, and Chris Senn

Jerry Gurney took this crail to noseblunt all the way to second place.

Chowder tasting

The winner

A break in the action

Natur from NYC opened up the after party

Followed by Space Vacation

And then Hightower.


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