Montclair Skatepark
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Montclair Skatepark Hot

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City Montclair
State California
Country United States
Continent North America

User submitted skatepark by mikal

WHAT: HELLA Fun!!! Combi bowl crazy features hips, corners, spine elevators escalators and terminators. Fun little flow/street section, euro gap, west side of the park enclosed with a wallride fun sized tranny keeps you free of pushing!


BAD: USE TO BE BY A COP STATION AND COPS PATROLLED IT ON THE DAILY TICKETS EVEN ARRESTING FOOLS! but that was years ago when the park first opened up. Since the begging of the year they moved the punk ass cop station up the street soo now it GAME ON!


ADDRESS: 5183-5223 Benito St, Montclair, CA 91763, USA

HOW TO FIND IT: About a mile south of the Montclair Plaza.

Thrasher Skatepark Rating: 0 / 10

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Reviewed by mikal - April 07, 2010
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