• Dakine x Stereo

    Dakine x Stereo
    Dakine partnered with Stereo Skateboards for their latest skate collection. Follow the guys from Stereo as they skate around LA and test out the new products. 
  • The Lost Tapes of Brent Atchley

    The Lost Tapes of Brent Atchley
    After doing some spring cleaning here at the office, we found some lost tapes of Brent cruising at Bridge Club, in Portland, OR. RIP Bridge Club, thanks for keeping us dry!
  • Devotion

    Some of Dakine's team talk about their dedication and devotion to skating. Watch the video here.
  • Dakine on the Unheard Mini-Ramp

    Dakine on the Unheard Mini-Ramp
    The Dakine team rips the Unheard mini at their invitational contest. Watch the clip here.
  • Dakine x Bryce Kanights

    Dakine x Bryce Kanights
    Dakine went out with Bryce Kanights around Portland to see how he uses his bags for his gear.
  • Tim Tim Shoe Review

    Tim Tim Shoe Review
    Chad Tim Tim sat down with Active Ride Shop to discuss his new Dekline shoe.
  • Brent Atchley for Dakine

    Brent Atchley for Dakine
    Dakine has five minutes of Brent Atchley skating some sick spots.
  • Garbage Burrito

    Garbage Burrito
    Dakine has a sick new clip featuring Raybourn, Kowalski, Lockwood, Hatchell, and more. Watch it here.
  • Dakine x Thrasher Packs

    Dakine x Thrasher Packs
    Schools already started, so we're giving you $10 dollars off of our Dakine x Thrasher packs.
  • Dakine Greece Tour

    Dakine Greece Tour
    Dakine has a sick clip from their tour through Greece.