• Shake Tit

    Shake Tit
    Donovan invented a new invention after attending the school that he invented. Do you follow?
  • 4 Legs

    4 Legs
    Donovan brings back the 'Toons in Murk Ave episode #14.
  • Murk Avenue

    Murk Avenue
    The Osama assassination, as reported by Murk Avenue founder Donovan Strain.
  • Murk Ave

    Murk Ave
    Donovan is back with Episode 13, and he offers up some commentary on a rather bizarre video.
  • Space Invader

    Space Invader
    Donovan stepped his game up, literally, and made his own video game. Don't let the crackheads win...
  • Murk Avenue Episode 11

    Murk Avenue Episode 11
    Donovan gives you a chance to win a pair of Axion shoes in episode 11 of Murk Avenue.
  • Murk Avenue Episode 9

    Murk Avenue Episode 9
    Donovan put together an animation for the 9th episode of Murk Avenue.
  • Murk Avenue Episode 3

    Murk Avenue Episode 3
    Donovan gives you some pointers on how to hide your hustle.
  • Game Changer

    Game Changer
    Donovan Strain relocated to Brooklyn and launched the first video on his new site, Murk Avenue. You can't knock the hu$tle...
  • Office Space

    Office Space
    After leaving the Berrics and a brief hiatus, it appears Donovan is back on the scene with a new website in the works.