Junk Drawer
  • Maloof Money Cup Finals

    Maloof Money Cup Finals
    The final day of Maloof was gnarly. The girls killed it and Chris Cole took home 100k... again.
  • Reynolds on Stay Gold

    Reynolds on Stay Gold
    Active caught up with Andrew at the Emerica headquarters to talk about Stay Gold.
  • Pet Peeves with Tony Tave

    Pet Peeves with Tony Tave
    From girls to government, Tony Tave shares some things that get on his nerves.
  • Introducing Sebo Walker

    Introducing Sebo Walker
    Stacks put together a video to welcome Sebo Walker to their team.
  • Extremely Sorry on iTunes

    Extremely Sorry on iTunes
    Flip's Extremely Sorry is now available in the iTunes store. Check out this newly edited trailer for the video.
  • European Contest Coverage

    European Contest Coverage
    Etnies has photos and video from last weekend's European Skate Championships.
  • Maloof Money Cup OC - Saturday

    Maloof Money Cup OC - Saturday
    Street Prelims, Best Trick, Vert... We got it all in one big edit. This is the wrap-up of Saturday at the 2010 OC Maloof Money Cup.
  • Prevent This Tragedy: Emmanuel Guzman

    Prevent This Tragedy: Emmanuel Guzman
    A good vid will make friends debate who had the best part. Guzman went on the attack here and gained a big following for his efforts.
  • Prevent This Tragedy: Andrew Allen

    Prevent This Tragedy: Andrew Allen
    He's been in and out of the spotlight for years. But for many, this was essentially Andrew's debut part—and he came through.
  • Ask The Phelper: John Cardiel

    Ask The Phelper: John Cardiel
    Phelps and Cards go way back, with over 20 years of Hell Riding… Oh yeah. Talking Street League, waffle grip, and foam pits.
In The Mag
Outta the bog and straight into the fire, Brandon Westgate scorches onto the October 2018 cover with an ollie to perilous plank ride. More W-Gate inside by way of a feature interview—all handsomely shot by masterlensman Brian Gaberman—as part of a behind-the-scenes look at Element’s newest video offering, Peace. Nassim, Jaako, Madars and Julian Davidson all get grilled, too. This vid is gonna be HEAVY! In tales of travel, REAL took their Actions Realized efforts to Chicago, Detroit, Providence and Taunton, MA, spreading the stoke and doing good deeds along the way. Circle-F-wise, Corey Glick and Dakota Servold both have interviews, letting you know that the new Foundation vid will be absolutely bonkers (as they always are). And if you’re sick of low-impact curb dancing, have no fears—Nuke Baby is here to make sure those drops stay high and the rails stay kinked! Hope you’re done with your homework because this one’s gonna take over your life. Add this one to your collection.