Junk Drawer
  • Mikey Taylor Shoe Talk

    Mikey Taylor Shoe Talk
    Mikey explains the approach and philosophy to the design of his new Etnies kicks.
  • Chad Tim Tim, Hard at Work

    Chad Tim Tim, Hard at Work
    Scenes of domestic bliss give way to Chad Tim Tim's rock-solid ledge work. Element will explain.
  • Mikey Curtis Commercial

    Mikey Curtis Commercial
    Mikey Curtis keeps it country in his new independent commercial over at Strange Notes.
  • Block the Sun

    Block the Sun
    Summer's coming in hot, and you gotta block the sun one way or another. Thrasher's got 10 different hats to help you out.
  • German Power: Willow

    German Power: Willow
    Flip has a video of Willow ripping up an indoor park. German power, German precision.
  • CPH PRO Event Schedule

    CPH PRO Event Schedule
    Sometimes it's tough to know which events are gonna be good and which will be bunk. We're fully backing these.
  • Hall Of Meat: Chabot

    Hall Of Meat: Chabot
    When you're bailing face-first, get those hands up. Chabot never got the memo.
  • Burnout: Top of the Heap

    Burnout: Top of the Heap
    Burnout checks in from the last show on the Skate Rock tour, at the Autumn Bowl in New York.
  • Heads: Justin Figueroa

    Heads: Justin Figueroa
    Figgy's Heads interview from the May 2010 issue along with his Hell On Wheels video clip in case you missed it.
  • Grant's 50-50

    Grant's 50-50
    Atlanta Hates Us has a video clip of Grant Taylor's new Alien ad. Any questions?
In The Mag
Josh Kalis’ skating is timeless and this noseblunt slide at Thomas Paine Plaza is forever. Welcome to September 2018! More Kalis inside as well as a 28-page DC Street Sweeper feature, including interviews with Josh, John Gardner and John Shanahan. Need more mayhem in your life? You’re in luck: Skate Rock took their special blend of insanity to Vietnam and Bali. We also got some Hot Amateur Girl Action by way of Simon Bannerot, Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco, Niels Bennett and Griffin Gass. Heads-wise, Ethan Loy, Cody Lockwood and Dashawn Jordan all get grilled. Elsewhere in Spain, Supra set out to find the elusive Mr. Tom Penny. Ready for the weekend? Good. Trevor Thompson and Alex Schmidt fill out some rental applications for the WKND skate lodgings: The Sir Palmer Apartments. Thick as a brick, this one is! Add this one to your collection.