• Cattle Decapitation

    Cattle Decapitation
    "We wanted to do a death metal band and I guess we decided to call it Cattle Decapitation."
  • AC/DShe

    "I love seeing beers flying and drunks singing choruses to AC/DC songs."
  • Andre Legacy

    Andre Legacy
    "If I really had to, I'd fuck Lindsay. I'm a team player."
  • Japan Skate Rock Beer Tour 2008

    Japan Skate Rock Beer Tour 2008
    Tsuyoshi had it all lined up: Demos, bands, beer, video premieres, and all the octupus you could eat...
  • The Shitkickers

    The Shitkickers
    "I passed out next to the pool with nothing but my boots on."
  • Danava

    "I think Satan is a dollar bill."
  • The Impediments

    The Impediments
    "We’re not automatons thinking that everything Johnny Thunders shot up his dick is totally rad."
  • Public Enemy

    Public Enemy
    "music is the one thing that brings the human race together"
  • Shed

    "little children beating senior citizens, and a rollerblade dummy filled with cat poo chucked into the crowd"
  • Aesop Rock

    Aesop Rock
    "I did a fucking ollie airwalk on flat first try"