Burnout: Bon Voyage

Hard to believe the Yacht Club was in Hawaii this whole time, but why else would I have slacked off on a new post for so long ... just so much to see and skate on those beautiful isles.

Burnout: Bon VoyageFinal farewell to our beloved Poopoo Place. We were gonna miss it.


Our local park. One last blast.

Team Cap'n Stevie, surfing to fakie.

Not that Hawaii is totally free from danger.

Natty hair dryer on the Pali Lookout.



Sweating it out downstream from Wallos.

Only Kyle could find purchase in such wicked surf.

The day we went to the beach.

A skate tour rite of passage.

Kyle flexes a local's mastery.


Let's get some sepia on this peaceful scene, shall we?

Fuck that. Al's gonna swim.

D Wrecks on that art camera.

Eat da shrimp, eat da shrimp, eat da shrimp.

Later, at the North Shore park .... vulgarity!

Jaws does his best to distract the young people from certain mental imagery.


DSC 2773

Just think about kickflips, son. 


DSC 2789

Kyle Smith, switch rock  'n' roll with proper back foot roll.


DSC 2787

Jaws, the 'Drecht. 



'Hold up. I think I see a dolphin ...'

Hidden jungle drop for Mr Homoki.

Nobody wants a piece of this thing, trust me.

Lil' downhill slide, Stevie leading the pack.

He'll find that East Coast flavor anywhere! The bump, not the Taco Bell.

GX that!

Lil' vacation reading, no big deal.

Al's rampage continues, rainbow style. This was the last day.

Duke Williams, switch K.

And finally ... those beach steps on the way out. Lawyering up with the SS FS FLIP.

And D Wrecks follows with the VH. Nice moves.

Nice trip. Really nice. See, told you this was better than Detroit. Thanks AYC! Thanks Kyle! Hope to see you all again soon.