Burnside Needs Your Help

The Burnside bridge REquires structural changes to be earthquake ready. This involves either extreme repair or complete replacement. To make it through this process, the park needs your help. —Burke Morris

pedro barros89266 2000PXPedro Barros floats in the golden glow under the bridge    Photo: Hammeke

Multnomah County, which owns the bridge, has held task force committee meetings for the past few years to study and recommend the best option for this project. Representatives from the skatepark have been present at the meetings along with other community groups. The county is now conducting an online survey, asking the public for input on the recommendations. Please fill out the very short survey. It’s only two questions, with three places for comments. Maybe start with, “I support the preservation of the Burnside Skatepark,” and tell your own story. The county has worked with us, and we believe it does value the park. The recommendations have been submitted, but the final decision has not been made. We need to let them know how important the park is. Please be respectful and also support these recommended options:

Recommended replacement long span bridge. The park will have minimal closure and damage and retain the current layout and footprint. Other bridge options would change, or destroy portions or the entirety of the park.

Complete closure of the bridge during construction. This is slightly confusing wording, but the basic idea is that NO temporary bridge should be built. It adds time and money to the project, and it would destroy the south side of the park.

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