Canvas Artist Profile: Exteenager

XT title
AN ART CRITIC may be tempted to analyze the bag-head persona which so often appears in Exteenager’s drawings. Is this shrouded character supposed to be one individual appearing in different contexts? Or is the same bag being placed on a variety of skaters? Perhaps the bag does not represent anonymity, as one might guess, but instead the universal experiences that skaters share. Another interpretation is that Exteenager is just creating some cool-ass shit that is fun to look at and makes the viewer want to skate. If you struggle to perceive art (and the world at large) in different ways, you can always just put a bag on your head. —Brian Paxton

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xt8Exteenager with a grown-man tailblock  /  Photo: Castaneda

For more art and info on Exteenager, visit Instagram: @exteenager

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