Canvas Artist Profile: Sandy Peraza

Canvas Sandy Peraza Title
WHAT HAPPENS when you see a death metal skate cat slashing your backyard pool after licking up enchiladas and PBR? That wasn’t a dream. You just met Sandy Peraza; bad-ass girl skater and illustrator. Hailing from Cozumel, Mexico, this Oregonian mamasita knows how to fall hard and keep rolling. Don’t let the sweet color pallete of her art fool you—the hues of pink, grey and black sugarcoat the morbid mix of reality her art expresses. Her art obsesses on a progressive combination of cats, death metal, cacti, drooling over pools and her right to skate and rage. Throughout her work, the pink hues remain a constant color scheme. They represent the battle against breast cancer, which is a tribute to Ms. Abrams, Sandy’s mentor and favorite high school art teacher who is in a continuous fight. Check out this skate-cat illustrator’s surreal mix of reality and dream come true. —Jen Minor

Canvas Sandy Peraza Magazine New
Canvas Sandy Peraza frog
Canvas Sandy Peraza Coffin
Canvas Sandy Peraza wolf 1
Canvas Sandy Peraza Double Dog
Canvas Sandy Peraza DIY

Canvas Sandy Peraza owl

Canvas Sandy Peraza pool
Canvas Sandy Peraza Hardware
Canvas Sandy Peraza Snake
Canvas Sandy Peraza Shoe
Canvas Sandy Peraza Sol
Canvas Sandy Peraza Wolf 2
Canvas Sandy Peraza air
Photo by Max Sokol  /  @maxlaroid
For more art and info on Sandy Peraza, visit her Instagram: @sandy_perazaa

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