Canvas Artist Profile: TALLBOY

AM I TRIPPING or do you also hear sound effects when you look at Chris “Tallboy” Coulon’s artwork? Lightning crackles, dragons roar, empires crumble, wizards utter their spells and ooze, well…oozes. These sounds fill my ears while Tallboy’s amazing linework and colors scorch my brain. I laugh out loud at some of the wild worlds he creates, and it’s not mockery. It’s the biggest compliment I can give because his vision quests bring my eyeballs joy. Santa Cruz skateboards has arguably the longest-lasting history of epic board graphics and Tallboy has recently added his magic to their legacy. He also slangs ink and colors onto shirts, stickers, walls or whatever else you’ve got. —Adam Creagan
Thrasher, July 2020 issue

tb6TALLBOY, front rock  /  Photo: Berry

For more art and info on TALLBOY, visit his Instagram: @tallboy666

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