Canvas: Poison Delux

THRASHER HAS ALWAYS spotlighted skater art, in ways big and small. The mag's Canvas department has been a showcase for art made by skaters for the past four decades. It has included creative legends, talented doodlers, and perhaps even a friend or two of yours. We will now be featuring these same Canvas artists on the website. Here is the latest spread from the December 2019 issue. To submit your own Canvas, click here.


THERE ARE two types of photoreceptors in the human retina: rods and cones. Rods are responsible for vision at low-light levels. Cones are active at higher-light levels and are capable of color vision. I’m convinced Poison Delux was born with an overabundance of cones in his eyes. He sees color wavelengths that us mere mortals can’t comprehend. His art radiates a gradient heat as he tries to show you the tones of his world. Not much is known about Poison Delux other than that he resides in Quebec. He explores strange phantasmagoria by exorcising, through his art, the creatures and symbols that haunt his mind. —Pierre Lafuente














For more art and info on Poison Delux, visit Instagram: @poisondelux001
  • Canvas Artist Profile: Matthew McDole

    Canvas Artist Profile: Matthew McDole
    It's difficult to create smooth, deceptively simple, linework. Matthew McDole has a steady artistic hand and he does interesting things with it. He crafts a variety of images and lets the viewer create their own storylines linking them together.
  • Canvas Artist Profile: Sandy Peraza

    Canvas Artist Profile: Sandy Peraza
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    Canvas Artist Profile: Sigh Less
    When life ends, some vessels still have a story to tell. Sigh Less makes sculptures using animal shells and skeletons. The results have a morbid beauty which give fresh perspective on life.  
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    Canvas Artist Profile: TALLBOY
    The artist TALLBOY weaves wild worlds with his skills. You will encounter adventure and ecstasy in equal measure, that is if a dragon or the Grim Reaper doesn't get you first. Follow down his twisted path, if you dare.
  • Canvas Artist Profile: Gabi De la Merced

    Canvas Artist Profile: Gabi De la Merced
    We get killer art submissions from all over the world. Every once in a while a contributor is so talented we trip out and wonder if they sent their portfolio to us by accident. Gabi's paintings belong in museums and the best art galleries, but we're stoked this skate rat wanted to be in the mag.