Corey Glick Interview



Was it hard to break it to your parents that you didn’t want to go to college and instead you wanted to have your college money now so you could go skate in California?
Not really. They’ve always supported me and they understood I couldn’t do shit in Illinois. When I was in Illinois I was just stuck there not doing much. I had been out to California and they understood I needed to be out here. They were down to help me and support me.

What do your parents do for work?
They’re both graphic designers.

Was there a big discussion about it? Did they expect that you’re gonna go to college?
I mean, I feel like most parents want their kids to go to college. We never really had, like, a discussion about it. I think they just knew that I just wanted to skateboard. That’s all I really wanted to do.

So is it one or the other? Have you blown through your college money yet?
Not yet. We’re getting close, though. 
There’s maybe, like, a year left.

So you even finished high school early, right? How did that happen?
Yeah. I was just pissed off being in Illinois so I took a couple extra classes to get enough credits to graduate. I talked to my counselor and he was just, like, “Take these classes for extra credits,” and I graduated a year early. Got out of there. I’m psyched.



Duffel’s spot, Glick’s trick. That’s teamwork     Photo: Zaslavsky

Why would you want to leave Gurney, Illinois? What’s Gurney, Illinois like?
It’s cool; there’s just not much for skateboarding. I have all my good friends that I grew up with but they’re all moving out too. They’re going to college and I just didn’t want to be stuck there anymore. It’s tight, though. It’s got a cool little skatepark and it’s where Six Flags is.

Is it part of Chicagoland?
Yeah, it’s right in between. It’s, like, dead center between Chicago and Milwaukee. 
It’s 45 minutes from both.

When you were a kid were you looking up to Jon Dickson and Chaz Ortiz?
Yeah, for sure. I grew up skating at this skatepark that they grew up at. Like, during the winters we would all go to the skatepark called Warp and I met Chaz and Jon Dickson and just, I don’t know, idolized them a lot. They helped me skate and learn shit. It was awesome. They were always tight to me.

What other famous skaters are from your area?
Josh Harmony, Neen Williams, who else? 
I don’t know, all my homies back home, just local skaters.

Dude. Gurney sounds like the fuckin’ Midwest Barcelona.
Not really.

FG3aSwitch heel, triple trouble    Photo: Bradford

What was school like? Were you the only skater at your school?
There was probably like ten or 15 skaters. My middle school and high school were right next to the skatepark so we would all go after school to the park and just skate all day.

Did you ever sneak out and learn a trick during the school day?
Nah, but sometimes me and my friends would hit the park before class. It was pretty sick. 
It’s really close.

What kind of name is Glick?
I don’t know. I guess it’s Jewish but I can’t really call much of it. I think it means something. I can’t call it.

In Hebrew?


Fg pq1
What were some good nicknames that you got to live with when you were a kid?
I don’t know. I never really had nicknames. I mean, Jimminy Glick was pretty good. Oh, when I was on this Zero trip they used to call me Corky. And nerd. I’ve been called nerd a few times.

So was Zero your first hook up?
Yeah, that was thanks to Ant Travis. I was on Mystery. I met Ant from contests and he invited me to come stay at Black Box which was, like, one of my dreams—to come out to California. It was awesome being out there and staying with him.

FG4aBodacious backside noseblunt on the Oceanside hubba, not bad for a nerd   Photo: Rhino

How old were you at that point?
I think I was 16.

Were you already out of high school?
No, I was still in high school when Ant brought me out there.

At that time Black Box was huge and there was a big group of dudes that lived at the skatepark, right? What was it like over there?
It was seriously like a dream. That was one of the coolest experiences, living at an indoor skatepark. We would just fuck around and skate until, like, two in the morning and random people would come stay. I don’t know. It was really awesome. Just skating so much.

Who were your tight bros down there?
Ed Duff, Ant Travis, Ishod would come stay all the time. Julien Heller, Kyle Frederick and Kirby would stay there a little bit but then Kirby got kicked out.


Fg pq2
Did you ever get kicked out?
No, I never got kicked out but Dane hated me. That was pretty sick.

Why did Dane hate you?
I don’t know. I guess I was just a little shit and Dane loves picking on people. I don’t know. 
I was a little kid. I guess I deserved it.

FG5aGlick means “luck” in Yiddish. Corey needed it on this foolhardy backside 360 roof stomper   Photo: Karpinski

What do you think you did?
I was just too hyped to skate. I would skate everything and he’d get pissed. You know how Dane is. He loves picking on people.

Where you there at the same time as Trevor Colden?
Oh shit, yeah, he was in his own room, though. I didn’t see much of him.

He had a private setup at that point?
He had a private suite. Dude, his room was, like, two times bigger than the room that five other dudes were staying in. It was crazy. We had bunk beds and shit and he had his own fuckin’ room. It was sick. One time they actually made me stay with Trevor on 
his couch.

You got kicked to the couch?
Yeah, I got kicked to the couch.

How come we didn’t just watch you in No Cash Value? How come it didn’t work out over at Black Box?
Well, Mystery was dust by that time and I didn’t really know it was gonna restart. But I wanted to get on Zero for a little bit but Dane wasn’t down so that never happened. Then I met Don and it just worked out.

FG6aHe left school early to spend every weekend there. Front blunt by the library   Photo: Gould

Yeah, Don told me that he made you switch all your sponsors at once.

So what’d you switch from?
I was on DC, Mystery, Thunder, Swiss and Bones. I’m still on Bones but all of the other ones I switched out. I was down, though. I mean, being from Illinois I was down to get anything. I was just hyped to be out there.

What’s your lineup of sponsors now?
Now I’m on Vans, Indy, still on Bones, Bronson bearings, Foundation skateboards, Active, Bro Style and Eswic. I think that’s it.

Solid lineup. So your parents have always been kind of cool with you just being off on your own hanging out with a bunch of derelicts in a warehouse at 16?
Yeah, they really were. They came out and met everyone. My aunt lives in California. She lives in Burbank and they came out and checked on me or whatever because they were definitely sketched out. But they ended up meeting everyone and they were super cool. They met Ant’s parents and they became really good friends so it’s pretty funny. 
They hang out all the time now.

Oh, that’s cool. Because, you know, some kids when they get a little bit of freedom they just go bananas and, like, smoke crack and just do whatever they can do. You keep it pretty mellow, right?
Yeah, I’m pretty mellow.

FG7aCurbside view of a backside kickflip, caught but not released   Photo: Karpinski

What’s the wildest you’ve ever been? Have you ever gotten in over your head?
I don’t think so. I keep it pretty mellow. 
I don’t know. I just like to keep it mellow.

Do you pass on grass? Are you drinking beer? What are you doing?
Yeah, I smoke a little bit, drink a little bit. 
Just not too much. I don’t let it get a hold of me. Don’t let it get the best.

Cole and Dakota seem to really like Coors. Can you keep up with those guys when it’s Coors time?
Nah. They’re on another level. I’m still chilling.

Still an amateur?
I’m down to drink some beers but they’re on some other shit. They can handle their shit, though, so cheers to them.

Is this your first big video to film for?
Yep. First big one.

FG8aHoly Brick! Check out Glick! Fronstide tailslide to fakie through the portal   Photo: Karpinski

How’d it go? What’s the general vibe with the team working on this thing?
It’s really mellow, honestly. ‘Til right now, 
it’s getting kind of hectic because of the deadline and everyone’s kind of feeling the pressure but up ‘til now it’s been awesome. We just go out as bros and skate whatever. I mean, we plan some stuff but for the most part it feels like I’m with my friends going skating back home.

Do you plan out your stuff or are you just one of those soul skaters who just happens to run into the triple-set rail and go for it?
Nah, I’m too much of a pussy. I have to plan that shit. I like planning and finding spots. 
For me, it’s just easier to go and find something I like that looks sick and I’m hyped on it and I’ll figure out what I want to do on it and then practice it for a few days or whatever and just make sure I’m comfortable before I go and try to do it.

What’s your practice zone typically?
Usually Cherry. It depends what I’m skating but Cherry’s usually the spot or Vans park. 
We have a joke, like when we’re skating something gnarly, to say, “It’s just like Vans park. It’s just like the Vans rail.” Fuckin’ think about it like that and it usually works out.

Back to your name maybe being a Hebrew name, we’re not sure, did you get bar mitzvah’d?
No, I never did.

Yep. I’m a fraud.

FG9aHe can’t keep up with Dakota on Coors but this biggie puts him solidly in league with Chris Joslin   Sequence: Karpinski

I thought we were finally gonna have a Jewish champion on four wheels.
That would have been sick but it never happened.

So your family’s not too serious about faith?
No, they don’t mind. They’re not too big on it. But my grandparents are still into it so we have Hanukkah and stuff with them but my parents don’t stress me about it. They’re down.

Who’s your tight bros on the team? What’s Merlino like? Can you get down on a session with him?
Yeah, we skate all the time. He’s awesome for the most part. I heard he was crazy before I met him but I guess right when I moved here he mellowed out. He’s been sick. I haven’t seen anything crazy. I feel like when he goes crazy, I’m not there. So Nick is awesome. 
He loves skating. He’s obviously a little out of his mind but he’s got it covered. He’s just a real genuine person but people take him the wrong way sometimes. I love Nick.

What about the Duff Man? He’s kind of the elder statesman of the team. Did you feel pressure when you got on the team, like, “Fuck, I better make a good impression with creepy Corey?”
A little bit. I mean, I always looked up to him when I was young. He was one of my favorite skaters. But I didn’t feel much pressure because he wasn’t really around. But when we go visit him it’s definitely crazy.

You guys all camp out at his house still?
Yeah. We were just there last weekend.

FG10aColder than a night on Colden’s couch—frontside ‘cane on stainless steel   Photo: Rodent

How’s that? Does he show you any of the good spots or is he still saving those?
He usually holds out but lately he’s been down to get his dreams crushed.

He’s getting soft in his old age.
Yeah. But he supports it now so it’s cool. 
You can’t really fuck around with that. 
He’s still a legend. You just have to be cool.

Well, last summer we got to go on that Vans trip and you got to get in the van with the real big leaguers. Were you nervous getting in the van with Dill and all them?
Fuck yeah, I was so fuckin’ star struck just being in the van with Dill and AVE. I just get real shy when I’m around those dudes. 
It’s awesome just to watch and to hear all those stories. It’s the coolest shit. You can’t 
get that anywhere else.

Yeah, Dill’s got stories.
Yeah, he’s awesome. He’s one of my favorites.

Fg pq3
I know that you can do a lot of tricks. Do you ever hold back in any situations?
Not really. I mean, unless someone else is trying something that I would want to do. 
But it’s first come first serve. I don’t want to try to hurt anyone’s feelings but it just happens sometimes when you get there first. That’s the way it goes.

There’s some wild spots in your interview. Did you go on a serious spot search for some of this stuff?
Yep. Can’t do much without these trips. I gotta look on Google maps all the time. My good friend Ryan Lee has spots everywhere and he’s always down to hook it up. It’s definitely tough but we find some new stuff and that’s what it’s all about.

FG11aJumpin’ jiminy! Fakie flip, in a tight squeeze   Photo: Rhino

Who’s Mac DeMarco?
He’s a really rad artist that me and Don hung out with recently with our friend Mikey. Crazy story, but yeah we met him a couple of months ago.

Is he a rapper? What is he?
No, he’s a rock ‘n’ roll musician and he’s rad.

Oh shit. How’d you make friends with a rock star?
All through the Insta.

That shit’s bringing people together!
Yeah, it’s bringing the world together. I’m a big fan of this dude named Michael Collins who has a band named Run DMT and I wanted to use one of his songs for my part and DM’d him on Instagram and just asked him what was up. I followed him and he saw that I had his album artwork as my Instagram photo and he DM’d me and he’s, like, “Yo, I see that you’re a fan. I love skateboarding.” We just ended up talking and I told him I wanted to use the song and he was so down and we ended up hanging out with him and giving him some product and then he’s, like, “Yeah, you know, you guys should come meet my good friend Mac.” So we ended up going over to Mac’s house and just kicking it. He has a pool and shit. He just moved here. It was insane. Yeah, shit just works out sometimes.

FG12aHigh frontside slide on the ol’ drop, drop and roll     Photo: Karpinski

Yep. So are you gonna use one of their songs in your video?
I guess so. That’s the way it seems. I can’t call it right now. Don’s still editing.

He edits with an iron fist too.
Yeah, he’s not playing around.

So do you need to turn pro in the next year so you don’t run through all of your college money?
No, I wouldn’t say pro. I just need a little more support. Foundation helps me out and I’m getting photo incentives from some bros so it’s helping. I’m making do. Trying to stretch it out.

Are you interested in doing all of the contests? Can you win those things?
I don’t know. Maybe if I get lucky, but I’m down. I like just hanging out with the bros and skating. Sometimes they’re hectic but for the most part it’s fun to see all of the dudes there partying and trying to skate.

FG13aCorey's not down and out but his backside 50-50s sure are   Photo: Lisch

But no Street League in your future?
Not right now.

Any crazy shit happen making this video?
Yeah, I actually got a restraining order from my old high school! We were staying in Gurney for Oddity and went to my high school to go check out this rail that I’ve always wanted to grind and we ended up getting kicked out and then a week later I got a restraining order in the mail. I’m not allowed back.

Fg pq4
How did that happen?
We were kind of drunk wandering around campus looking at the rail and the security called the police and it was at night because we were just checking out the rail. Gurney cops don’t have much to do so, like, ten cops came and fucking confronted us and basically kicked us out, took all of our names, took our IDs and then, like, a week later we all got a restraining order in the mail—everyone that was there. It was pretty sick but, yeah, I’m never allowed back at my high school.

Yeah, what’s gonna happen when you’ve got to go back for your high school reunion?
You know what, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just grind the rail and dip. Hopefully. I don’t know.

You’re supposed to be a hero to those people and instead you got a restraining order.
Yeah, it’s pretty fucked.

What’s your deal with security guards? Do you talk shit to them? Are you a yes sir no sir kind of guy with the cops?
It depends on however they’re treating me. If they’re not treating me like a human I’m obviously not gonna give them the respect. But most of the time they’re cool. I’ll just give them what they deserve so we can get out of there.

What are you favorite skate companies besides Foundation right now?
Just like all my friends: Element is fucking killing it, Baker and Deathwish, they’re always killing it. I don’t know. Just all of my friends kill it. Try to support the homies.

You skate some pretty heavy terrain. What do you think about low impact, 90’s-style skating?
I love it all. I love all the GX shit, for instance. Those dudes are sick, and just fuckin’ cruising is awesome. I’m always down to do that.

Do you ever get jealous? Do you ever wish that you could just be, like, “Goddamn it, why can’t I just pole jam and wallride instead of doing all this bullshit?”
Nah, dude. I still do that.

FG14aWith moves like this expect the restraining orders to keep coming. Kickflip 50-50 in the ABQ. Let the Oddity begin!     Photo: Hammeke

What’s your least favorite kind of skating? Like, for you to do personally.
I’m not really opposed to any type of skating. Oh, I guess longboarding, but you can still bomb some hills.

Sinclair said your family has a million-dollar invention, what is it? Some sort of weed cream?
Oh, it’s my uncle’s company. It’s like a CBD balm and it’s super good for you. It’s like weed, but not weed. It just helps your body. The CBD oil soaks in and it’s used for helping pain and scar tissue and stuff. So it’s like a balm and then like a tincture thing that you can put in your drink and it’s really good for you, I guess. I don’t really know too much about it but they’re selling it so it’s tight. I get some for free and I give some to the bros. Hook them up.

What is CBD? What does CBD stand for?
I don’t really know. It’s basically the stuff in weed that doesn’t get you high but it’s really good for you still. I use it all the time when I’m sore—just rub it on whatever you need. 
It’s like Tiger Balm but with CBD in it.

Is it like Tiger Balm in that you want to keep it off your nuts?
I have not tried it on my nuts yet but maybe if I sack a rail I could rub it on there and see if it helps.

So this is the last couple days of filming for this thing. Do you got any final moves that you’re gonna go crazy on?
Nothing in particular. I want to try to get a couple more things but I don’t have anything I really have to go back for. Just new stuff. I’ve always got dreams.

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