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  • Emerica's "Green" Video

    Emerica's "Green" Video
    Continuing their already impressive legacy, Emerica strikes gold again with Green. Dakota pushes his rail game to new limits and Dickson rips every set and bank to shreds like a rabid wolverine while the rest of the team fills out a killer montage. This is canon.
  • Jon Dickson Interview

    Jon Dickson Interview
    Before dropping his curtain-closing part in Green, the midwestern madman set the record straight about breaking his leg the first time skating, ice fishing in Illinois and roving scooter gangs taking over his hometown. Get up to speed with this extended interview by Taylor Kirby from our Feb 2020 issue.
  • Deadline: Emerica's "Green"

    Deadline: Emerica's "Green"
    Putting a video together is never easy, but a supportive squad always helps. Dakota, Jon, Tim and Miner feed off each other to finish another epic Emerican edit. As Dickson says, “It was exhilarating, to say the the least."
  • Emerica's "Green" Premiere Photos

    Emerica's "Green" Premiere Photos
    The Emerica team got dolled up in Long Beach to show off their new video, Green, along with a one-off all-gold Dickson. See who made it out in their cleanest flannel for the good times, good friends and great skating.
  • Burnout: Zorilla’s Zapato

    Burnout: Zorilla’s Zapato
    Vans pulls out all the stops and then some to ring in Rowan’s new signature shoe—sky diving, skate jam and even a bowling-alley blowout with live performance from '70s Zamrock pioneers WITCH. We intend to cause havoc!