Heaven: A book about Lennie Kirk

Skateboarding is full of fucked-up kids. Lennie Kirk was already on the crazy side when, as a star of the early Workshop team, he suffered a series of accidents including a stomach-turning head injury (as seen in Alien’s Time Code) as well as getting run over by a van. Soon after he found The Lord and began preaching to people on the street, that is, when he wasn’t robbing them with a shotgun. Photographer Dennis McGrath spent several years skating with Lennie and his book, Heaven, follows him from his North Carolina childhood, through his skate career in SF in the mid-’90s, to his present situation serving 13 years in prison for kidnapping and domestic violence. The photos and letters are amazing but at the same time feel completely familiar. Everybody who skates knows a kid like Lennie. Skateboarding saves, but it can’t save everybody. —Michael Burnett

Here are some images below from the book HEAVEN. For more information check out these sites:

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    Brooklyn Banks "A Retrospective Video" By R.B. Umali
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    FTC's "Penal Code" Video
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  • Classics: Lennie Kirk's "Timecode" Part

    Classics: Lennie Kirk's "Timecode" Part
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