Jake Phelps Angel Dust Collection

Jake was a wizard with spoken language. He would bend and twist words to do his bidding. Whether it was his brief comments in passing or long conversations on the road, he affected almost everyone he came in contact with. His written language skills were more refined and less chaotic than his gift of gab, but they had an equal impact. Jake's 30+ years of caption writing for Thrasher (and longer-form travel stories) changed the way that skaters talk around the world. Angel Dust was a column he wrote periodically from 1994 to 2011. This department included some of his most thoughtful observations and a glimpse into an extraordinary mind. Here is the full collection below.

JP AD 15October 1994

JP AD 7December 1994

JP AD 2February 1995

JP AD 5April 1995

JP AD 11June 1995

JP AD 13October 1995

JP AD 8December 1995

JP AD 9February 1996

JP AD 6April 1996

JP AD 12June 1996

JP AD 10January 1997

JP AD 3November 1998

JP AD 1January 2000

JP AD 4January 2001

JP AD 14January 2011
  • STILL WATCHIN: Pedro Barros’ Treasure Island 540

    STILL WATCHIN: Pedro Barros’ Treasure Island 540
    Jake’s presence lifted sessions to transcendent heights, powering those in his company to unlock their next-level. Phelper's fire will never go out. 
  • Thrasher Radio: Ep. 69 Zered Bassett

    Thrasher Radio: Ep. 69 Zered Bassett
    Today would have been his 57th birthday, so it feels like the perfect time to launch the final radio segment he ever recorded. Not only is the old man STILL WATCHIN, but he’s STILL TALKIN, and he insists that the show must go on. HBD, Jake. We love you. 
  • Vans' "Take It Back" Video

    Vans' "Take It Back" Video
    This one will get the blood flowing and heart pumping. Geoff, Pedro and Ronnie put it all on the line in honor of the Phelper.
  • Jake Phelps Lifetime Retrospective

    Jake Phelps Lifetime Retrospective
    Jake led one of the most extraordinary lives of all time. There’s no way to fully document his legend but we did our best. Based on the June 2019 memorial mag (and expanded here), this massive feature has 50 years’ worth of Jake photos as well as testimonials from his closest friends. It’s almost impossible to absorb all of this content in one sitting and it’s meant to be sampled in various stages. His story will live forever and his spirit continues in everyone who loves to roll. We love you, Jake!
  • Jake Phelps Art Tributes

    Jake Phelps Art Tributes
    Jake Phelps is forever a part of skating's DNA at this point. There is no separation between his spirit and the activity itself. For the next three days we will unroll several features in his honor. Today, we showcase hundreds of amazing art tributes. Thursday we will post his collected Angel Dust essays. And on Friday we have a monumental feature based on his June 2019 memorial mag. Thanks for the love and let's keep rolling!