Jake Phelps Art Tributes

In life,
Jake was practically a cartoon character from another dimension. So, it’s not surprising how often people would make caricatures of him. Jake was a creative madman and, upon his passing, it made sense that so many people would express themselves in artistic ways. Some of these are old; most of them are new. There are hundreds of more tributes beyond this collection here. His family and friends appreciate every one of these creative efforts. Thank you all so much for carrying on Jake’s spirit of stoke.

If you have a Jake art tribute that you'd like to add to this feature, please send to: [email protected]

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  • Jake Phelps Lifetime Retrospective

    Jake Phelps Lifetime Retrospective
    It’s been a year but the love keeps flowing. We’ve added new testimonials to this retrospective page. Take a few moments and soak up more stories from the life and times of Jake Phelps. 
  • The Phelper and You

    The Phelper and You
    Jake loved having his picture taken, especially with friends. Thought you didn't have a special photo with the Phelper? Might wanna check this post. Miss you every day, Jake. –Michael Burnett
  • Spitfire's "Forever Fire" Phelper's Last Ride

    Spitfire's "Forever Fire" Phelper's Last Ride
    Phelper took an all-time crew of heavy hitters to Chile in January 2019 for what turned out to be his final HELLRIDE. As he fired up the session, legends like Koston, GT, and Ishod took things to the next level. It’s been a year since his physical form moved on, but the Old Man is STILL WATCHIN.
  • T-Eddy Awards 2019

    T-Eddy Awards 2019
    Everyone’s favorite annual award ceremony is back to celebrate the year’s best breakthroughs and bunts. If you can’t make SOTY, might as well hope for a T-Eddy. See the list and guess who’ll get pissed.
  • STILL WATCHIN: Ronnie Sandoval in Ecuador

    STILL WATCHIN: Ronnie Sandoval in Ecuador
    Ronnie "Sandovizzle" remembers his Phelper-fueled noseblunt battle in Ecuador, when Jake, Evan, Raven and GT provided the inspiration he needed to conquer the hectic transfer. Always remember, he’s STILL WATCHIN.