Jay Worthy 750px

By Sagan Lockhart

What up, Jay. Let these people know where you’re from. 
I’m from the Westside of the CPT, home of the P-Funk.

How is it being from two completely different scenes like Van and LA? 
Well, I wouldn’t really say I’m from Van but I do have roots there. I’m to myself most of the time when I’m back there just to see my mom.

Both places are pretty sick for skating. You every try it out?
When I was a young kid I used to go to Slam City Jam a lot. That shjt was fire. Got some Wu-Tang skate decks. I remember in like ’94 and used to skate here and there but I was really young when I was out there.

Skaters definitely fuck with your music. I know you’re homies with the Alltimers guys.
Yeah, me and Pryce grew up together. Low-key shout outs to all the Douglas Park OG crew and Shenny the street legend.

I remember first meeting you on Fairfax. That was a weird time on that street where you could really run into literally anyone. It was tight. You came through with the real “Freeway” Rick Ross, which is still insane to me. 
Oh yeah, I used to bring Freeway up there all the time back when we would all get free pizza at Domino’s. Rick is vegan. He loved the fact that we could go eat for free like some mobster shit and get promo gear. It was around the time when I lived on Brazil and Wilmington and was eager to get out of the house and off the block every day so me and him would be hustling everything from gear to hair. Miss those days.

Tell us how you linked with LNDN DRGS, ‘cause he got the waviest West Coast production right now. 
So LNDN DRGS is a group. It’s me and Sean House. A lot of people think his name is LNDN DRGS. We always flown about that but the real heads know Sean makes the percussion, homie. I just rap. Nonetheless, we a real team. A lot goes into the production and writing on both sides. I think he made the hook on “Uza Trikk.”

You've worked with a lot of people others would dream to work with. What’s it like making projects happen with people like Alchemist and Curren$y? 
Both instantly became close friends. It’s crazy to think I’ve gotten to work with both of them on projects. That kinda trips me out still. I gots a far way to go in this shit, but it always feels good when you get the respect from the ones you came up listening to. 

You got anything comin’ out later this year we should watch out for? 
Yeah, definitely be on the lookout for the debut solo album by me, Jay Worthy, and the sophomore LNDN DRGS album. Until those drop we gonna keep coming with surprise eps with your favorite rappers and producers to keep shit going. 

When I was a kid I don’t think any girls thought skating was that tight. But everything’s changed and they love us now. With that said, i'm sure there's still some shy guys out there who could use some free game. You got any advice for them?
Keep on skating inna free world and it’s still “P’s Up Hoes Down.” I’m out!

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