REAL’s “Lāhainā Strong” Actions REALized Board Release Photos

“Lāhainā Strong” is the rallying cry of West Maui to express their resolve and determination in the face of great adversity. After the devastating fires of August 2023, DLXHI partnered with REAL to create a limited-edition Actions REALized deck featuring art from Lāhainā’s Joseph K Paʻahana. Proceeds from the board will be used to support the skate community of Lāhainā, thanks to our friends at Maui skateshops and the Maui Sports Foundation. On top of the drop, we also brought out Mason, Nicole and Chima to link with the locals and celebrate their thriving scene. Lāhainā Strong, indeed. —Christian Alexander

REAL Maui 2024 0001 2000The REAL team touches down with its first view of beautiful Kahului

REAL Maui 2024 0002 2000Who wouldn’t be smiling?!

REAL Maui 2024 0003 2000Nicole checks in with the locals for some pets

REAL Maui 2024 0004 2000Josh Rubalcava from DLXHI pulled up with the product

REAL Maui 2024 0005 2000A first look at all the detail work on the graphic

REAL Maui 2024 0006 2000Rubs approved

REAL Maui 2024 0007 2000Chima too!

REAL Maui 2024 0008 2000First stop on the shop tour at Hitech. They’ve been holding it down on the island since the ‘80s

REAL Maui 2024 0009 2000Classic shape test

REAL Maui 2024 0010 2000Andrew and Landon from Aloha got it too

REAL Maui 2024 0011 2000You get that one, Josh? Peep the DLXHI insta to find out

REAL Maui 2024 0012 2000A local shop tradition for any visiting pros

REAL Maui 2024 0013 2000First legit Hawaiian lei for Dicky

REAL Maui 2024 0014 2000 A few sigs for the shop’s wall hanger

REAL Maui 2024 0015 2000A SOTY in his element

REAL Maui 2024 0016 2000Nicole’s signature kinda looks like Tony Hawk’s. Just sayin’

REAL Maui 2024 0017 2000Then it was off to Upcountry

REAL Maui 2024 0018 2000Watch out for the game birds out cheer

REAL Maui 2024 0019 2000Now it’s time to head over to Pukalani Park for the skate jam, right?

REAL Maui 2024 0020 2000Okay, maybe a quick stop at the beach

REAL Maui 2024 0021 2000Did you even go to Hawaii if you didn’t kick it with turtles?

REAL Maui 2024 0022 2000Hella turtles

REAL Maui 2024 0023 2000Chima with a little liquid yoga. Cheers, mate

REAL Maui 2024 0024 2000We pulled up to Puks Park to a full house of locals ready to rip

REAL Maui 2024 0025 2000Maui skateshops unite with Andrew from Aloha and Melody from Upcountry. Things are always better when done together

REAL Maui 2024 0026 2000Getting ready

REAL Maui 2024 0027 2000Our tour guide Tucker made sure to cop one before meeting up

REAL Maui 2024 0028 2000And he put it right to work with a frontside hurricane

REAL Maui 2024 0029 2000REAL TM Tim Fulton knows the best way to spark the demo is to be the demo

REAL Maui 2024 0030 2000CFSSBSTS

REAL Maui 2024 0031 2000One-shpeed automatic front crook for the visiting SOTY

REAL Maui 2024 0032 2000P-shove nosegrind is always a crowdpleaser

REAL Maui 2024 0033 2000Switch tré from Mae Mae. Can’t wait to see that GoPro angle

REAL Maui 2024 0034 2000Always lookin’ for a wave, Nicole finds her flow in the deep end

REAL Maui 2024 0035 2000Let’s mingle with the locs to see the right way to rip this park

REAL Maui 2024 0036 2000Travis Barker front shoves with a good lookin’ deck

REAL Maui 2024 0037 2000Geronimo Martin tweaked out a heelflip

REAL Maui 2024 0038 2000Anything you got, Mason will sign

REAL Maui 2024 0039 2000Even a cracked truck

REAL Maui 2024 0040 2000You want to win a board? Andrew from Aloha lays down the ground rules for a winner-takes-all race around the park

REAL Maui 2024 0041 2000And, they’re off

REAL Maui 2024 0042 2000Corner technique is essential

REAL Maui 2024 0043 2000The bump section pitted a few contenders

REAL Maui 2024 0044 2000And then there were three

REAL Maui 2024 0045 2000No holds barred around the final corner

REAL Maui 2024 0046 2000Rolling or running, they were in it to win it

REAL Maui 2024 0047 2000Full on photo finish. The board beat the feet…

REAL Maui 2024 0048 2000Time for an official review

REAL Maui 2024 0049 2000And the winner is!

REAL Maui 2024 0050 2000Back to the tricks. The bump session got sparked with another deck on the line. Travis gets it going with a spracked backside grab

REAL Maui 2024 0051 2000Teuira Lo Ting puts down the first flip with a classic kicky

REAL Maui 2024 0052 2000Chima couldn’t resist

REAL Maui 2024 0053 2000When you skate a can, you might have to handle a little trash

REAL Maui 2024 0054 2000Mason ain’t afraid to get his hands dirty

REAL Maui 2024 0055 2000And we’re back with more high-flyin’ action

REAL Maui 2024 0056 2000This backside flip by Devon took home the board by unanimous decision

REAL Maui 2024 0057 2000But you can’t have a fly-out contest without at least one beni

REAL Maui 2024 0058 2000Shifted gears over to Upcountry for the deck-release afterparty and BBQ

REAL Maui 2024 0059 2000Jeff Zamora from Upcountry bought a new grill just for the occasion

REAL Maui 2024 0060 2000What are your bets they’re watchin’ Ishod?

REAL Maui 2024 0065 2000Mason’s got fans everywhere!

REAL Maui 2024 0061 2000Outside, we got Rubs holding court by the griddle

REAL Maui 2024 0062 2000Ari’Moana Cotter hooked up the vibes inside

REAL Maui 2024 0063 2000And we already got boards moving off the wall

REAL Maui 2024 0064 2000Grillmasters Mason and Rubs served up over 100 glizzies and patties to feed the scene

REAL Maui 2024 0066 2000The Lāhainā boys, Maliko, Essen, and Kainoa

REAL Maui 2024 0067 2000The looser the Shaka, the more local you are

REAL Maui 2024 0068 2000Who’s got your back harder than Mason?

REAL Maui 2024 0069 2000Who Wore It Best: DLX Shirt in Maui edition; Andrew or Jeff

REAL Maui 2024 0070 2000This is where we leave you. Gotta give a HUGE shout out to Zamora Family, Melody, Austin and Jeff from Upcountry for holding it down for the Maui skate scene. Go grab one of those decks to keep the scene rolling Lāhainā Strong
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