Ron Deily's "Under the Hudson" Photos

Ron Deily's "Under the Hudson" Photos

Now that you've seen the video check out some photos with a little background about getting the tricks. Words and photos by Cronan.

Back noseblunt - New Jersey: Ron crushes a backnose blunt on a classic Fred Gall spot deep in Dirty Jersey. This spot is way harder to skate than it looks. Any trick on this crusty half pipe is a major accomplishment.

Backside flip - Brooklyn: This area of Brooklyn has been slowly gentrifying over the past few years. Ten-fifteen years ago you would all but expect locals to vibe you. Nowadays, the most pressing thing Ron had to worry about was what flavor ice cream to get after landing this backside flip.

Boardslide transfer - NYC: It’s always a treat going out to shoot Ron. He looks at things from a totally different point of view. This non-spot has been a here forever, but it took Ron to realize it’s potential.

Crooked grind - NYC: NYC cops normally don’t even look at you if you’re out skating in the city. They usually have better things to worry about. Which is why we couldn’t believe that we actually got kicked out by a cop as he drove by saying "no skateboarding in a public park."  We hung around a little bit, then Ron got the trick within a couple tries, and we headed across the street to 169 Bar for an order of dumplings, and an ice cold beer.

Frontside flip - Harlem: We had been to a bunch of spots this day, but nothing was really working out for us. On a whim, we decided to check out this hip on the east side of Harlem. Luckily we did because it wasn’t long before Ron was riding away from this monster frontside flip.

No-comply pole jam - NYC: Harold Hunter used to live in this building on Ave C in the Lower East Side. Ron takes the road less travelled, and blasts a no comply pole jam for Big H.

Switch wallie - NYC: We spent a lot of time shooting at obscure spots in NYC. This seal fountain is no exception. Ron spends a lot of time looking for spots that aren’t spots. The ground here is super rough, and the parks workers get really upset if they see you skating these, so don’t get caught!

Front blunt - Brooklyn: This spot in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn is usually a quick bust. If you time it right though you can get a solid session in.