“Shred For Your Life LA 2019” Photos and Video

The annual guitar battle that has kept New York City on its feet with laughter and raw virtuosity for almost 15 years made it's way back to LA for the third time Saturday May 11th, 2019. The event was kicked into high gear by DJ Nuge, aka Don Nguyen, and backed up by a rendition of the national anthem performed by 2018 SFYL champ Lily Maase—and special thanks to Nasty Neckface the round-card bearer. The fire power on stage at Zebulon was undeniable. Hosts Wilder Zoby and Emily Panic kept us in stitches as they wrangled 14 of LA's local axe men and women into a hilarious melee of metal. Guitarists from different bands and walks of life were given one minute to shine and impress the judge’s panel—Blake Anderson (Workaholics), Dave Hill (stand-up comedian), Jaime Meline aka EL-P (Run The Jewels) and Daewon Song. A rhythm section of epic proportions (Matt Sweeney of Chavez, Iggy Pop on bass and John Stanier of Battles and Helmet on the drums) were on deck to back up the contestants as they battled their way to glory. This year the crowd chose local shredder Hugh Myrone as the golden ticket winner, but in the end it came down to Sam Seeger and Justin “Figgy” Figueroa in the finals—Sam, creative and entertaining, while Figgy brought the raw power and ferocious presence in every performance. Figgy took top honors for the night, the judges bestowing upon him a crown made by Meryl Smith, a trophy pick crafted by Thomas Campbell and a brand new Fender Stratocaster. Huge congrats to Figgy on his victory and becoming the first professional skateboarder to be crowned champ at Shred For Your Life! And thanks to adidas skateboarding and the ferocious crowd! See you next year, LA! –Marc Razo

Photos by Jason Campbell


6X1A9042 750pxSYFL was opened with a rendition of the national anthem by Lily Maase, Matt Sweeney and John Stanier

6X1A9602 750pxHost Wilder Zoby cooling the crowd down after a heated battle between Bender and Barrett Avner

6X1A9058 2 750pxImagine if these two giants were your rhythm section? Hats off to Matt Sweeney on bass and John Stanier on drums

6X1A9108 2 750pxFirst time shred for your lifer “Bender” from South Central LA gave us a refreshing dose of punk rock. Hell yeah, Bender!

6X1A9852 2 750pxNasty Neckface our round-car bearer and host Wilder Zoby keeping the crowd well informed

6X1A9138 2 750pxSam Seeger a two-time SFYL veteran made it all the way to the finals! Congrats, Sam!

6X1A9247 750pxBonavega is his name. You might want to write it down

6X1A9258 750pxIt is rare when you come across someone as talented as Bonavega – outstanding across the board

6X1A9285 1 2 750pxJudges this year were our all-time favorite people. Huge thanks to Blake Anderson, El-P, Dave Hill and Daewon Song

6X1A9355 750pxAnnue Grunwald won over the judges on her first round with outstanding technical abilities

6X1A9402 750pxHugh Myrone was the People’s Choice by a landslide for the golden ticket

6X1A9447 2 750pxStephen Heath and our co-host Emily Panic stoking the fires

6X1A9457 1 2 750pxDylan Brenner melted faces all the way to the semis

6X1A9515 2 750pxBen Cohen, first timer of shred, made an awesome impression on our crowd and our bassist Matt Sweeney

6X1A9552 2 750pxRandy Randall not only competed and shredded his balls off, he was our roadie as well. Thanks, Randy. You’re hired!

6X1A9609 2 750pxAnnie and Bender waiting to shred

6X1A9669 1 750pxBonavega needed to be cooled down mid shred. Host Zoby though he might literally implode

6X1A9796 750pxStephen Heath gives the judges a nod

6X1A9994 2 750pxWhen someone wears a Jason Vorhees mask to a guitar battle, you can be sure someone’s getting slapped. Figgy came out swinging

6X1A9999 750pxWilder tries to find order in the court after Figgy and Brenner lit up the stage

6X1A0103 1 2 750pxThe crowd is a giant piece of the equation at SFYL. Thanks to all who screamed, shouted, hooted and hollered. Also Gangsta Boo and Gaslamp Killer in the front row, NBD

6X1A0105 1 2 750pxBring it on!

6X1A0191 2 750pxNeck and Sweendog help Figgy amp his stoked after being crowned champ

6X1A0241 1 750pxFunny woman Emily Panic, the best co-host in the biz. So lucky to have her

6X1A0274 750pxSweendog and Stanier light it up with Fig on an epic victory lap!

6X1A8901 2 750pxHats off to Figgy for being the first professional skateboarder to win the title. You got the crown from Meryl Smith, a fine-arts pick from Thomas Campbell, a brand-new Fender Stratocaster and all the stoke that comes with being crowned champ of Shred for Your Life. Congrats!


Video by Paul M. Roura

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