That new Baker vid that just dropped shook the scene. Go behind the sessions with Rowan, Zach and The Boss with this fresh batch of interviews. 

Three parts and a bangin' cast all wrapped up with that Baker vibe we know and love

ROWAN ZORILLA RowanAtibaPhoto: Atiba

What’s the point of making a video part?
I’ve heard Andrew say this a lot of times, "Video parts are like an album to a musician. It shows a lot about you and what was going on during that time." Someday when you can’t skate anymore you wanna be able to look back and be happy with your discography.

Rowan5 0AtibaNo matter when you look back, this apartment-rail 5-0 will always be buck

Biggest distraction from filming?

Favorite clip in the new video?
Zach’s pressure flip in the dark.

Zach Allen Pressure Flip 750Puttin' the pressure on a famous Denver stack

How long did you film?
A little over a year, on and off, with minor injuries.

How do you get trick ideas?
Mostly just driving around and letting the spots you find decide what the trick should be. Rarely do I ever have a certain maneuver that I need to find the right spot for. Normally the spot comes first then the trick to try secondary.

RowanGrabDropAtibaThis burger-joint cliff was calling for a pull-off into the bank   Photo: Atiba

Any reason the whole part was in LA?

Dream guest clip in your part?

Rowan5050Atiba 695350-50 flat down while on the apartment complex beat    Photo: Atiba

Filming crew?
For this video, most days it was Aidan, Bag, Flech and Jesse.

Best warm up to go get tricks?
McDonald's (RIP).

Are you going to make more parts?
I hope so!

RowanTreeWallieAtibaOver-vert stump wallie in the cuts     Photo: Atiba

ANDREW REYNOLDS Andrew GoldWIndows KarpinskiPhoto: Karpinski

What’s the point of making a video part?
Show your skating to the world, or at least people who like watching skate videos. Good goal to have as a pro skater.

Biggest distraction from filming?
Remodeling houses, furniture, gardening.

ReynoldsShiftyflipAtibaSolid waste in the can, solid gold over it, frontside shifty flip    Photo: Atiba

Favorite clip in the new video?
Zach with a beer and gummy worms flipping off all the haters.

Zach Allen Flip Off 750A soon-to-be-classic Baker clip

How long did you film?
This took a year. AVE’s part got me fired up and I asked Rowan and Zach if they wanted to make a short Baker video.

How do you get trick ideas?
Watching skate videos, new and old, skating in the park at Baker Boys and seeing what ideas come to me.

Andrew TreFlipNoseStill Karpinski360 flip noseslide like the Lockwood days     Photo: Karpinski

Any filming trips?
Mostly LA. Went on two trips to NY and SF.

Dream guest clip in your part?

Andrew Reynolds Frontside Flip 750Taking a flight in NYC, frontside flip 

Filming crew?
I usually keep it pretty tight, small crew––Jay Thorpe, Shane, Spanky. Try to hurry up and get the trick so we can go eat.

Best warm up to go get tricks?
Quick 20 minutes on the exercise bike and stretch.

Are you going to make more parts?
I’ll make parts until I can’t anymore! I got a few more in me!

AndrewReynolds VarialHeel final bramphoto lores 6616The Boss in The Bay, doesn't get much better than that—varial heel   Photo: Bram

ZACH ALLEN zachpro11Photo: Karpinski

What’s the point of making a video part?
The point is to leave your mark in skating and show what you can do.

Biggest distraction from filming?
Probably going out at night.

ZachAllen Bs5 0 180 KarpinskiWhen the party bleeds into the streets, back 5-0 180 out with a can in the hand     Photo: Karpinski

Favorite clip in the new video?
Rowan’s boardslide switch 50-50.

Rowan Switch boardslide 50 50 750Rowan comes correct with the precision boardslide to switch 50-50

How long did you film?
Like a year and a half or something, but a lot of the older stuff got cut out.

How do you get trick ideas?
Sometimes I’ll figure it out at a spot. I don’t really think about it that much.

Does Andrew pressure you to get footage?
He doesn’t pressure me, but he definitely motivates me.

zachallen onefootbacksmith marcohernandez 2021Just like Bob, one-footed back Smith     Photo: Hernandez

Is there a time when too many goons are on the session?
Yeah, there can be. But for the most part it gets me stoked.

Dream guest clip in your part?

Filming crew?
Too many to count. It’s always a mix of a bunch of different goons.

Zach Allen Crook Tail 750Crooked grind tailgrab for the goons

Best warm up to go get tricks?
Skating transition.

Are you going to make more parts?
Yeah, ’til I can’t walk, I will try to make parts.

ZachAllen NoseWallieSF MarcoHernandez 2021Wallride nollie on his GX shit. Run that video back to spark the weekend sessions     Photo: Hernandez
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