Skate or Pie: Pizza Art

Sean was apprenticing at a tattoo shop while simultaneously working at Arinell Pizza in SF when at some point he merged his two jobs, combining skate-related flash with the tools of his Italian trade: dough, sauce and cheese. The result was both beautiful and delicious. “The first time working with this strange medium I could see some parallels to sculpture and painting. When the results came out of the oven, I was, like, ‘Damn! It worked,’” says Sean. And just like when you buy a deck with killer graphics, you gotta decide whether to skate it or hang it—so too must the possessors of these pies face a hard decision: eat it or keep it. There’s no wrong answer here; everybody wins.

"It’s a tedious process where the more complex the image is, the more of a margin for failure there is. It's not just drawing, it’s cooking also. So, timing and chemistry are crucial in the process as well as making a good painting." —Sean Somers

For more images check out Sean on Instagram: @b8kdsf

  • Justin Brock's "Stratosphere" Part

    Justin Brock's "Stratosphere" Part
    Plucked from Stratosphere’s upcoming full-length, Brock gives us an advanced screening of what he’s been cooking down South. Dan Plunkett, David Clark and GT roll through before Justin etches his name on some iconic stone. Putting in the work pays off.
  • Quasi's "Dallas Man" Video

    Quasi's "Dallas Man" Video
    Parking-garage pumps, hotel hijinks and messed-up manual pads, the Quasi crew gets the skate trip right. Josh Wilson, Justin Henry, Jake Johnson, Bobby De Keyzer and the rest mob the spots with the homie-cam rolling.
  • Berle World

    Berle World
    Short, but oh-so-sweet, Berle gifts a sublime sixty seconds for FA. 
  • Skater XL Video Game

    Skater XL Video Game
    Brandon Westgate, Tiago Lemos, Tom Asta and Evan Smith get the video game treatment for Skater XL. Take a short glimpse at the gameplay right here.
  • Chris Athans' "Helen" Part

    Chris Athans' "Helen" Part
    Kickflipping into wallrides and bombing neighborhood hills, Chris hits the cuts with speed and confidence. This is how you wanna skate the City.