Franky Grinds the Hot Dog Off His New Thunders

Franky gives you a glimpse into his sketch book by drawing the art on his new pro Thunders. Speaking of sketch, watch the video to see his near-miss on that 50-50.


  • Thunder's "Ditch Days" Video

    Thunder's "Ditch Days" Video
    Frankie Heck, Christian Henry and Tyson Peterson stick to the walls at the famous Firestone Ditch in a quick cut from Thunder. A few friends and a wide-open spot is all you need to get the weekday session poppin’.
  • Patrick Zentgraf Knows

    Patrick Zentgraf Knows
    His tech moves are just the right mix of flash and style, as they should be. We also appreciate the simple, perfect nollie flip to fakie. Thanks for that last one, Pat. 
  • Thunder x Welcome Madrid

    Thunder x Welcome Madrid
    A grip of dudes from Welcome Skateshop in Madrid christen their new collab truck with Thunder by bashing through the city’s spots. Powerful ledge lines, new moves at Congreso plaza and a hefty nollie backside heel show they don’t take the occasion lightly. Forget the bull run, this is the real street action. 
  • Guy Mariano Pro Truck Release Party Photos

    Guy Mariano Pro Truck Release Party Photos
    Guy Mariano’s new pro truck is a cause for celebration, so Thunder hosted a private, invite-only skate jam at his park in North Hollywood with some heavy rippers, cold bevs and a taco truck. Plunkett got some tag-along birthday cheer too!
  • Thunder Trucks: Marcus Shaw "Norway To The Bay" Part

    Thunder Trucks: Marcus Shaw "Norway To The Bay" Part
    Marcus tours the Bay Area’s signature spots for the first time, delivering the goods with superb skill and style. Dude is a powerhouse.