Ray Stevens' GoFundMe

Ray plays in bands that go back to Skate Rock Vol. 1 (Los Olvidados, Drunk Injuns, the Faction) as well as other projects (Clay Wheels, RSII Solid Sound) and is a genuine ambassador for Skate Rock. He DJs skate events and has been traveling, skating and bringing the stoke for decades. Anyone who has met him knows what a positive force he is, and his circle of friends is enormous. He’s had a few medical battles over the years, including a recent kidney transplant. There are going to be huge bills to pay and tons of incidental costs associated with his recovery. Anything you can contribute will help, and please send your prayers and positive vibes. We are all wishing him and his wife Kim the best as they cope with this latest setback. Please, everyone, stay safe and take Covid seriously—we are not out of the woods yet.

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2000 ray and pep 3Ray and his dog Pep Armstrong cruise the Palo Alto park, where he worked for years     Photo: Lundry