RIP IN PEACE: Nick "Twig" Ruddy

"Don’t even trip, fool," would surely be the first words out of his mouth if he knew his friends were writing this memorial for him. With that rotten little smirk he’d jet your way and you’d know he was right—don’t trip. Hailing from Washington, Twig spent the better part of his life drifting around the US, planting roots in Arizona, Colorado and ultimately New Orleans, where he spent his final days. 
Everybody considered Nick family; he was like the cooler little brother. He was always there to shoot the shit with and enjoy some badass tunes. Twig enjoyed the simpler things in life like a little scratch on a curb, a pen and some paper or a couple of cold ones with the homies. 
Twig passed on the morning of June 15th and his friends and family are working on fundraising to help with memorial costs. Any extra funds will go towards helping his family get back on their feet during these tough times. 
Roll in peace, brother. —Travis Adams 

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