Roger of the Month Jan 2020: Agush Agushi

Agush Agushi from Albuquerque, NM, is Roger of the Month for January 2020. Honestly, we didn’t even watch his footage. We just picked him because we like his name. Filmed by Dean Kubasek - riding for Filter skateshop.


If you want to be considered for the ROTM program, send a video part (no music) to [email protected]. Winners get a box of Roger radness and are part of the team for one month. When the month is over, they get kicked off and replaced by the next ROTM. Hey, it worked for Clint Walker, Cole Wilson, Ryan Spencer, Joey Guevara, AJ Zavala, Preston Harper and Stephen Lawyer. Are you next?

  • ROUGH CUT: Roger's "Cold Brew" Video

    ROUGH CUT: Roger's "Cold Brew" Video
    Max Taylor, Ryan Thompson, Garrett Young and the Rogers battle out some of the best bangers Austin’s ever seen with a splash of hype from the locals.
  • Roger Skateboards' "Cold Brew" Video

    Roger Skateboards' "Cold Brew" Video
    Down in Austin the Roger rippers serve a heavy jolt by way of Ryan Thompson’s ungodly pop, Reese Barton’s cannonball commitment and much, much more. Sip on this.
  • Chapped's "Black 2.0" Video

    Chapped's "Black 2.0" Video
    Black metal, tunnel fires, ditch rips and plenty of dirt eating, this brutal vision from New Mexico will shake you to your core. Evan Smith, Suciu and Villani even join in the chaos—this flick’s heavy!
  • Roger of the Month April 2020: Trung and Eric Nguyen

    Roger of the Month April 2020: Trung and Eric Nguyen
    Trung and Eric Nguyen double down, jumping mopeds in SF, taking Ferraris through fast food drive-thrus and upholding the two-man ROTM tradition. Two times for Texas.
  • Roger of the Month: Joey McAdams

    Roger of the Month: Joey McAdams
    A month late, but Joey McAdams from Lynwood, WA, is the Roger of the Month for February 2020. That last flip out might make you trip out. Who’s gonna be ROTM for March? You’ll probably find out in April…