San Pedro Shred Photos

San Pedro has always been about the DIY. From bands that tour “Econo” to Channel Street skatepark. San Pedro Shred: A Festival of Skate celebrates that DIY ethos every year when Pedro’s community comes together for a day of shredding. —Joe Hammeke

San Pedro Shred.

What’s going on here?

Michelle Steilen’s Moxie team and their wig helmets.

Taking it downhill.

Local youth, ready to shred.

The mini-ramp course.

DJ Cesar was spinning the jams between sets of local San Pedro bands.

Riley Stevens gets the extension session heated up with a stale fish.

Robbie Russo noseblunts.

18-year-old Jordan Toledo aka “Red” with a textbook Madonna.

Eddie “Mighty” Moreno and Robbie Russo play cat and mouse.

Mighty frontside flip disaster...

…while this guy was gearing up for a downhill disaster.

Audacity rocked the stage at 2pm.

Guitar shredding.

Then at 3pm, Todd Congelliere’s band Underground Railroad to Candyland took the stage.

No foot pedals, these guitar sounds go straight to your ear holes.

Todd not only sings and plays guitar but was also an amazing vert pro in the early '90s.

Now this thing.

Crazy Kyle was sliding into and out of everything including this feeble to forward.

Riley Stevens manned up for the back lip.

Oscar Navarro, smooth back Smith.

And Mighty shut it down with the nosegrind.