"Urethane" – Steve Caballero's New Band

Cab’s back in the guitar game with his new band URETHANE. The outfit includes a heavy lineup of seasoned players from San Diego bands like War Fever, Skipjack and the Bombpops. To top it off they got help from producing wizard Cameron Webb who’s worked with Mötorhead, Megadeth and more. Their debut album Chasing Horizons comes out September 24th via Cyber Tracks, promising catchy choruses and melodic hooks. Tour and festival shows are part of the plan too, so if you missed your chance to see Cab on stage with his past acts, now’s your shot. Follow @urethane_music on Instagram for more. 

2000 Cab UrethaneCatch this crew on tour

1500 Cab Urethane ArtDropping September 24th