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King of the Road 2015: Meet the Mystery Guests

Blast-from-the-past is this year's theme and these ex-associates are some of the heaviest guests to ever jump in the van. Who's gonna push their team to victory? Watch this!


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AKA: Sherm
Mystery Guest for: Chocolate
Age: 30
Hometown: Boston/ LA
Sponsors: Selfish skateboards, Artha, Diamond, Grizzly, the Universe
KOTR Experience: 2004 with Girl
Strength: Music, nudity, switch
Weaknesses: Magnums, Psychedelics
Prediction: Roger's back!


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Mystery Guest for: Birdhouse
Age: 37
Hometown: LA
Sponsors: None
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Stealth, air, rails, retired on top
Weaknesses: Foolhardy endeavors
Prediction: He's really doing it

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AKA: Forrest
Mystery Guest for: Toy Machine
Age: 25
Hometown: Riverside, CA
Sponsors: Zero, Theeve, Pig, Sock Posse
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Rails, gaps, media trained
Weaknesses: Occasional moments of confusion
Prediction: Run Forest, Run!

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