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Patinar & Paella

"Hey Jake, do you remember Tasmania?" —Bob Burnquist

  • SOTY 2016: Pro's Picks

    SOTY 2016: Pro's Picks
    Who are the big dogs picking for SOTY this year? Have a look...
  • Firing Line: Roberto Aleman

    Firing Line: Roberto Aleman
    Roberto has been rising and returning to the underground on and off for over 15 years. But always know he's out there ripping.
  • Bailey and Aleman in Mexico

    Bailey and Aleman in Mexico
    Leticia, Bailey, and Roberto brave the federales and rip some spots in Mexico.
  • 'Round The Bay

    'Round The Bay
    Hit up a bunch of old and new parks with an international crew of Milton Martinez, Dario Mattarollo, Roberto Aleman, The Ox, Gut, and Raney Beres, and you're going to have a good ol' time.
  • Roberto Aleman for Fallen Footwear

    Roberto Aleman for Fallen Footwear
    Fallen has a new three-and-a-half minute part of Roberto Aleman ripping.