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Rough Cut: Tiago Lemos' Dime "Knowing Mixtape Vol. 2" Part

Twelve minutes of bolt-stomping, earth-shattering skateboarding from Tiago Lemos...What could be better?

  • SKATELINE: 09.14.2021

    SKATELINE: 09.14.2021
    Braden Hoban hangs onto insane grinds in Vaccine: Side Effects, The Dime/Vans Video, Yuto Horigome's Rough Cut, Mark Suciu and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • The Dime/Vans Video

    The Dime/Vans Video
    Alexis, Dustin, Leon, Una plus plenty more from the Dime and Vans camp spread the hype from Canada to NYC. Oh yeah, it’s good.
  • Dime x Vans Wayvee

    Dime x Vans Wayvee
    In conjunction with The Dime/Vans Video, the two parties have released a limited number of the Wayvee in a black colorway—available now for a limited time at Dime.
  • Rough Cut: Shane O'Neill's "Shane Goes" Part

    Rough Cut: Shane O'Neill's "Shane Goes" Part
    Most could never find fault with Shane’s first makes, but something compels him to combat and clean up his immaculate maneuvers. He’s nothing if not a perfectionist.
  • ROUGH CUT: Cotie Robinson's "Incubator" Darkroom Part

    ROUGH CUT: Cotie Robinson's "Incubator" Darkroom Part
    Cotie blew the doors off with his opening part in Darkroom’s feature, ripping rails on the roughest Midwest ground. Catch every slam and session that made it happen.