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Rough Cut: Tom K's "Enter the Museum" Part

Tom suffers the consequences and reaps the rewards, honing his craft on LAs cuttiest spots. It’s all about discipline.

  • Cutting Corners: Brandon Turner

    Cutting Corners: Brandon Turner
    Tom and Jordan head south to snipe spots and soak up switch hardflip tips with the SD legend and Shintaro Hongo.
  • Cutting Corners: Carlos Ribeiro

    Cutting Corners: Carlos Ribeiro
    Carlos gets wrapped up in Tom and Jordan's spot search in Santa Ana, liberating ledges and showin' the boys some switch skills.
  • "Am Scramble 2021" Video

    "Am Scramble 2021" Video
    The Scramble’s back, serving up a serious dose of heavy hits from Sac-Town to Sin City. From bloody boxers to 17-stair dives, this cast of future pros puts on an unforgettable show.
  • Homies' "Fun Raiser" Video

    Homies' "Fun Raiser" Video
    Rye’s vision hits a high point with the heaviest of ensembles, from Ishod to Ronnie and everyone in between. This is why we do it.
  • Cutting Corners - Episode 3 - Spanky

    Cutting Corners - Episode 3 - Spanky
    Jordan and Tom spot Spanky at LA High and rope him in on one of their cutty missions. Daewon would be hyped.