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Witch Hunt 2018 Teaser

The Witch Hunt 2018 and Wheels of Fortune events are taking place this May 5th in Seattle. Don’t miss out. Follow @theskatewitches and @skatelikeagirl for more info and updates.

  • "Witch Hunt 2019" People's Choice Award Winner

    "Witch Hunt 2019" People's Choice Award Winner
    The people have chosen. Congratulations VIPERS on winning the 2019 Witch Hunt People's Choice Award.
  • "Witch Hunt 2019" People's Choice Award - VOTE NOW

    "Witch Hunt 2019" People's Choice Award - VOTE NOW
    Out of the 21 covens that turned in edits, here are the top 10 videos selected by a panel of judges weighing skate tricks, hilarity, filming and editing. Cast your vote for which Witch Hunt team should win the People's Choice Award this year. A big thank you goes out to all the teams that participated.
  • "Witch Hunt 2019" Video

    "Witch Hunt 2019" Video
    Body varials, bra burning, tribute tattoos and cultural taboos? Must be the annual Skate Witches’ Witch Hunt! Armed with over 100 silly challenges, the teams ascended on Emerald City to document the madness and celebrate diversity. Everybody means everybody.
  • "Witch Hunt 2019" Article

    "Witch Hunt 2019" Article
    Peep the vid, check the photos and get stoked on the inclusiveness that skateboarding can foster. Uh… did you really get a Sheckler back tat? Awesome!
  • Wheels of Fortune 10

    Wheels of Fortune 10
    Wheels of Fortune, the longest running and greatest showcase of skateboarding talent featuring women, trans and gender non-conforming skaters of all ages and abilities is returning to Seattle May 3-5, 2019 for the 10th year. Click through for video and info.