Welcome's New Pros Party Photos

Welcome celebrates Jordan Sanchez and Ryan Lay going pro with their squad in Arizona. Check out some photos here.


Photos by Kyle Seidler


IZA 9034

These guys know whats up! Some crispy pro modelz and weird mustaches…
IZA 9033

The men of the hour! Ryan and Jordan cheesin’ for their big night
IZA 9040

Jordan's lady is sooo proud of him <3
IZA 9041

Ayy! look who made it to support their old pal punchy, it’s marty and randy!
IZA 9047

Ryan Townley broke his collar bone and had surgery the day before the party but still managed to make the trek from Orange county to Phoenix with his lady… What a teammate this guy is?!
IZA 9053

Ry Rey and company munching donuts, an essential part of any pro party
IZA 9068

Babysitter of the year award goes to Jeff Stevens
IZA 9103

Friends don’t let friends eat pizza with their own hands
IZA 9125

The bro love runs deep in AZ
IZA 9144

Wouldn’t wanna run into these doods in a dark alley
IZA 9172

IZA 9214

So this is what happened when "Hotline Bling" came on…
IZA 9234

Some of the Am Welcome squad turning up for their Pro bretheren
IZA 9235

It’s Arizona so it was only a matter of time until everyone was shirtless singing along to '90s anthems
IZA 9243What the?!
IZA 9271What the?!
IZA 9268What the?!
IZA 9282Daniel and Nora. Everyone’s favorite skate couple, endlessly killing it on the dance floor
IZA 9258

Ryan has always been pro in the eyes of dry bones
IZA 9100Ryan realizing he still has five papers to write after this… “But teach I’m pro now!”
IZA 9260Another very proud girlfriend <3

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