"Witch Hunt 2019" People's Choice Award - VOTE NOW

Out of the 21 covens that turned in edits, here are the top 10 videos selected by a panel of judges weighing skate tricks, hilarity, filming and editing. Cast your vote for which Witch Hunt team should win the People's Choice Award this year. A big thank you goes out to all the teams that participated.


Coven: VIPERSHead Witch: Nikki Brooks
Witches: Heather, Brittany, Annabelle, Michelle, Trisha, Taylor, Annie, Alexia


Coven: Yoda BabezHead Witch: Kristin Ebeling
Witches: Shari, Marissa, Angie, Courtney, Jess, Audrey, Alexis


Coven: Yung ArthritisHead Witch: Zorah Olivia
Witches: Jenn, Kierra, Mariah, Stella, Elena, Meagan, Mia, Dalia


Coven: City RatsHead Witch: Kristen Cat Party
Witches: Adriane, Yaz, Abi, Michaela, Jessyka, Aiko, Christine, Kava


Coven: Shreddie MercuryHead Witch: Soph Elden
Witches: Lacey, Louisa, Lucy, Ronnie, Elise, Deej, Mikaela, Ian, Kay


Coven: Ladies of LeisureHead Witch: Mimi Knoop
Witches: Lisa, Nora, Jaime, Vanessa, Michelle, Jessie, Ashley, Sarah, Hayley


Coven: NorthHead Witch: Katta Sterner
Witches: Adelaide, Sarah, Johanna, Emma, Meg, Ennie, Jessica, and Queen




Coven: SCRAMBOHead Witch: Louise Alban
Witches: Amanda, Kiana, Rosa, Brianna, Sofie, Clara, Dana, Louise, Zoe



Coven: Smell the MagicHead Witch: Alex White
Witches: Kat, Fabiana, Breanna, Poppy Starr, Dayana, Marsha, Una, Tin, Yuri



Coven: We're GayHead Witch: Pris Menkins
Witches: Ambi, Mae, Lucy, Kora, Rose, P, Sky, Tris, Niq, Madeline