"Witch Hunt 2018" People's Choice Award – VOTE NOW

On May 5th, 2018, nearly 20 teams assembled in Seattle, WA, for The Skate Witches' 3rd annual Witch Hunt. Armed with a challenge sheet and their boards, the covens hit the streets to rip it up, get strange looks and scare the boys. Each crew was also tasked with not only filming the witchy madness but also crafting it into a three-minute edit. And now, only the top seven finalists remain. Who slayed it the hardest? You decide!


Coven: N.W.A. (Nannies with Attitude)Head Witch: Zorah Olivia
Witches: Stella, Minna, Dalia, Meagan, Nora, Nicole, Josh


Coven: The Skate WitchesHead Witch: Kristin Ebeling
Witches: Shari, Lacey, Vanessa, Sam, Beatrice, Shane, Oli, Alex, Audrey, Angie


Coven: Style MattersHead Witch: Stephanie LaVita
Witches: Sylvia, Terence, Maya, Tracy, Lucy, Kerry, Cara, Julia, Laura


Coven: H.B.I.C. (Head Bitch In Charge)Head Witch: Izzi Cooper
Witches: Elise, Cass, Sky, Ellie, Erica, Oona, Payton, Emma


Coven: Sixteen 5Head Witch: Emma Houle
Witches: Lexi, Sergio, Kasci


Coven: Team WERKHead Witch: Alex White
Witches: Allysha, Fabiana, Monique, Jenn, Clara, Kat Sy, Norma, Marsha, Mariah, Lizzie, Nika, Lisa, Dayana, Rose, Breanna


Coven: Midwest ArrestHead Witch: Dana Jeck
Witches: Deej, Kayla, Kai, Carina, Ian, Kiana, Alex, Vanessa, Tiffany







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